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Monday, January 28, 2013

No answers.

I went to the Oral Surgeon on Friday afternoon.
Nope... not a tooth fragment or root fragment from my previous surgery.
That point aspect of my gums... that's just scar tissue.

My teeth look wonderful.
There is no abscess ... there is no cavity.

Go to a TMJ specialist.

Buy an over-the-counter mouth guard until then.

There are no TMJ specialists in my area.
All are over an hour away.

This bites.

The OTC mouth guard did the trick though. I have been able to sleep the past few nights.

But as soon as I take it out. My jaw starts instantly hurting.

My real estate agent had an idea... she sees a Massage Therapist for her TMJ.

Now, I remember vaguely learning about TMJ therapy while in school.
But, I do remember that someone else has to do it on you. Because you can't reach the angles necessary for it to be effective.

I am calling all my Massage Therapy friends today.
Someone will help.


Anyway, had the house inspection on Saturday. Nothing too awful in the house, that can't be fixed.

Still having issues with my real estate attorney... Believe you me... when we are all said and done... I am going to write a very blunt post about this man, his name, and not to work with him.

Really rude dude. Just saying.

Other than that the weekend was decent.

Work has been busy this morning.
And the weather is disgusting outside.

We are experiencing Winter Storm Luna.
So weird.

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  1. I usually clench my teeth tightly together while sleeping. I would wake up with head aches and my jaws sore. The night guard helped take care of that problem.