People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The moment you realize...

The moment you realize that you are 100% wearing the big girl "adult" pants...

When people ten years your senior are asking you for life/money/relationship advice.

It kind of baffles me.

I don't know when it happened, and I don't know when people started to think it...
But, people think I got everything together... That I am pretty in control of my life...

HA! It's just such a funny thought.

It's not like my world is utter chaos. 
It's not like I am fighting to figure out where our next meal is coming from.
It's not like I have a huge ROTH IRA, or MEGA Savings account.

My world is calm, and mostly boring. But, I love it that way.
We have food in the fridge (healthy food, veggies and fruits and the like!)...
I have a tiny savings nest egg... and I've been doing some extra saving on the side.

(BTW: look up the 52 week money challenge.. it's an easy way to save about $1,400 in a year. I swear it's completely doable.)

I focus on the important things...
And I move forward. 

There are moments when extra bills come in, or emergencies happen.
I get stressed just as easily as everyone else.

But, I know that I will get through it.
I know I have karma on my side.

There's a girl I work with... she's pretty new.
She has just come off of being unemployed for a pretty long time.
And, is just starting to try to get back on her feet.

Her eldest is turning 17...
He wants this HUGE party.

Now, we all want to make our children happy.
We want them to feel secure in their worlds...
We do NOT want them to know how rough they actually have it...

However, the figure of $1,200.00 for a birthday party came up.

**Blink Blink**


She was saying how she didn't know how to do it... how to afford it...
"Maybe if I take my entire paycheck, and don't pay any bills..."

How is THAT an option?

So, out of curiosity I had her break down the cost of the party.
$600 of it.. towards a DJ.

Get some speakers, and your kids iPod.

$300 for the venue
$300 for the catering (including kegs... why does there need to be kegs at a 17 year old birthday party is besides me... but, if your adult family members NEED to drink that bad... there's a problem... just saying.)

I could see ways of cutting these charges down.. 
I even offered some examples...

Blank stare.
That's all I got.

There's a fair amount of work that goes into doing a HUGE PARTY in an INEXPENSIVE WAY.
I think that's where the difficulty came in.

The actual work part of it.

So, I said okay... realized the type of person I was talking with... and moved on.

She starts asking me more questions... because, well, I seem to have it together... how do I get by? how do I keep savings? 

I opened the door.
So.. I just looked at her, and simply answered... 

"I don't have it together... I have a small world that my family and I exist in. We function within our means..."

"But, how?"

**Blink Blink**

I had no other answer.

It was that moment that I realized... I wear big girl adult pants.

And that.. that is a rare quality... even for some who are soon to be turning 40.

I count my blessings.
I am thankful for my resolve.
I am happy for my success...
And hungry to do great things...

Every day... 1 step closer.

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  1. I don't miss throwing parties for my kids. The joys of being a grandparent.