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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

4 Day Weekends are NOT allowed

"4 Day Weekends are Not Allowed"
~a poem~

To a working mother
a four day siesta
seemed like an utter dream

To get back on track
fun to be had
Some time to feel like me

It started on Friday
cleaning everything
So the rest of the time would be well spent

The kid acting bratty
Me feeling snappy
Just trying to get to the fun

Saturday started bright and early
"Mama, I tried to drink water
but my throat is on fire"

101.4 fever
Advil and Lozenges administered
Praying for a 24 hour bug

Not going anywhere
Might as well clean Emry's sheets
And the germ infested Pillow Friends

1 hour into the cycle
 Clink Clink Clink

Washer filled with water
Spin cycle not working
 Pillow pets drowning

Unplug the device.
Get a huge bucket
Grab all the towels

Floor soaked
All the towels too.
Pillow friends saturated

Cycle was mostly done
What would be the harm
Trying to dry Emry sheets and his friends?

Dryer stopped.
My heart sank
Pillow Friends are ruined


Once soft and plush
now crusty and crunchy
Material matted and tattered.

Pink Pig,
You've lived a good life
3 years by Emry's Side

your best friend Ducky dodged this bullet
I should have known better

Sheets ruined too
No big deal
Got them at Wal*mart

Explain to Emry
That his friends were yuck
I'd buy him new ones

"It's okay Mama"
My heart slightly filled
He's a good boy, just strong willed

Repair man doesn't answer.
My father upside down 
in the washer

Have to wait
What a wondrous day
Fingers crossed for tomorrow

Sunday still
the sickness lingered
4am 103.4 fever

Urgent care bound
Strep throat diagnosed
My poor little lamb

Antibiotics purchased
Liquids being consumed
Might as well watch movies..

And his fever..
just grew
104 fever.. time for a cool bath

He screamed
and he fought
Thank God he doesn't know how to curse

"It's too cold"
"No honey, you're too hot"
"I don't like you"

I didn't like myself at that moment either.

Fever broke
Cucumber skin
He rested on my shoulder

Nightmares had
Fever stayed down
My exhaustion sets in

Monday morning
Weekends came and went
Repair man says tomorrow

My heart just sank

Bottom plate of the dishwasher
Just falls off
If one more thing breaks

I just might throw up.
Did we just blow a fuse?

Can't run the dishwasher
the toaster
and the microwave at the same time

We have lived 
3 years  in this house
who knew?

Yummy dinner
Movie watching
First calm moments all weekend

I've learned my lesson
the Gods have spoken
I know I can never

Take a 4 day Weekend.
They are not allowed.
So this Working Mother's aggravation

a  wonderful
poetic declaration


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