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Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 pounds in 4 days

Before I had Emry, I was a size 4... I was about 120 lbs....
If you look at me from the bust up to my head... You can see that I once had a very small frame.
From the bust down to my freaking toes... well, that became a different story after I had Emry.

As we all know I slimmed down to a healthy BMI last year; which was pretty cool... WE ALSO KNOW: that recently I haven't been really walking the healthy path... Not that I've gained a lot back... I just haven't been keeping up with the healthy portion sizes, and limiting the junk food.

So, beginning of this week. . . . I decided (late in the game) that I was giving up Junk Food for Lent.
That was Monday.

I weighed myself on Monday... wrote it down... and started on the Junk Food Free Journey....
Today, I weighed myself in the morning... just because I was curious.... 4 lbs less.

Now, I want to note, I weighed myself around the same time I did on Monday....
And, I was wearing approximately the same type of PJ's... so the clothes weight was the same.

4 pounds in 4 days

I thought that was really cool.
It also helps to solidify the mindset, that Junk Food has only been hurting me.

Then why does it taste SO good?

I think the four pounds mostly came off because I have been taking the stairs at work.... I mean ALL THE TIME.

But, that's another reason not to take the elevator.

The positive outcomes for observing Lent...

Just another example of how positivity... and inner light can drive you to great things...

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  1. yay! go you! junk food is so bad but seriously why must it taste so good?! haha. :)