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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A light.. Eureka I think I got it!

I was told yesterday something very interesting:

"If all you feel is the darkness, then close your eyes and imagine light.... Imagine it filling you, and spilling out of you... and then, when you open your eyes... you won't feel the darkness anymore."

I am a true believer in energy... and its power to heal.

I tried it.
I like it.

I am responsible for the things I allow to affect me.

Moving on

Emry has his very first test for Goshin Ryu tonight.
I think he is very excited.
I am hoping that he continues to blossom in this.
Martial Arts can teach so much.

I see changes in his behavior already.
Which makes me happy.
He has these moments, in which he tries to toe the line of being awful...
But, he's a kid and that stuff is normal...

Day to Day I am still dealing with the home purchase...
But, now we're just in the waiting process until closing.
Which is very positive.

Valentines day is tomorrow...
Which, I really could care less about either way.
Klay and I don't really celebrate it.
I choose not to celebrate it because in the past... It's been kind of a blah "holiday"...

However, Emry is super excited for Valentines Day this year.
He had to decorate his own Valentines Day mailbox...
And pick out his own Valentines for his classmates... and his teachers.
He has a "new best friend" (every week, I swear a new one...) BRANDON...
He told me the other day that he was "in love" with Brandon...
In class... They had a "Love is..." project.
His answer (and his friend Brandon's answer)...


I thought it was just about the cutest thing ever.

Brandon and he both love Ethel though.
(Yeah, I know, a little girl named Ethel... how freaking CUTE is that?)
Emry told me that they are both going to marry Ethel.
Still... Adorable.

A child's innocence is awesome.
I often pray that I could have just a little bit of my childhood innocence back...
Or that we as adults could look at each other through "children's" eyes... I think there would be far less war, arguments, and stupidity....

Just my opinion.

So, this year, Valentines day is a little special... because I am very excited to see Emry when he gets home from school.

I am still kind of stuck on the "child's innocence" idea... and the cute/weird/awesome things that a child says because of that innocence.....

I wonder if I could do a regular post about Emry's thoughts on certain topics.
Like... "Let's Ask Emry!" posts.

Could be cute....
Could be weird...

I just might do it.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Until next time.... 
Let your light shine bright my friends


  1. Mental imagery is such a powerful tool. I'm glad you found something to help, even it if it's just a little.

  2. I think "Ask Emry" should be a regular feature!

    I'll be spending my my morning at home catching up on your posts. Prepare for random comments on older posts... :)