People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coloring... For adults.

I have always loved to color.... since I was a little girl.

However, walking into a local A.C. Moore or Toys R Us, and picking up a Disney Princess coloring book... and a big pack of markers... sometimes can make you look like a weirdo.
Yeah, sure, these aren't for me...


But then I found these...

They are the adult coloring book.

No, this isn't a senseless product plug...
I wasn't paid to do this post.
I wasn't given a free coloring book (even though that would be pretty cool.)

I was actually coloring one of these this morning.
The take some time...
You really have to allow yourself to immerse yourself.

They are fun.
They are relaxing.

I've never been a great crocheter..
I've never gotten the knack of quilting...

But, coloring?
I could do that ALL the time. 

Now, these aren't just black and white pages.
They are almost on a wax paper.
So when you color them...
you can kind of see through them!
They look beautiful on the windows!

I know.
You're giggling and squealing...
It's epically cool.

I'm considering putting a couple of my finished ones on my windows at work... 
However, I am not so sure how that will go over with my boss...
Only one way to find out!

So, if you're bored...
If you're down...
Find your inner child, grab a thing of markers...
And get to coloring.



  1. Hey, ya know... I made an adult coloring book hahahaha. I was thinking we should do one that would fit better in with the general public, not everyone likes zombies. I remember this adult coloring book I used to have that my mom got me when we were at hemp fest one year, it was kind of Alex Grey style art. These bitches were hard to color! I love to color too, it's so relaxing. Of course sometimes I like to pick up an Alice in Wonderland coloring book every once in a while.

  2. i love coloring with my kids. i'm glad i get to be a kid again because i have kids!! hooray!! :) they usually ruin my masterpieces though. oh well.