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Friday, February 1, 2013

Interview with Dan Schachner of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl

I joined in a live chat on Yahoo today with Dan Schachner who will be on the sophomore season as a Puppy Bowl referee, at 2:30 p.m. ET.

I, also tried to interface with the Y! correspondent, Phoebe, on some of the pups.
Puppy Bowl, in case you have never seen it is the CUTEST part of Super Bowl Sunday. 

I took to asking some questions that I deemed important:

(I apologize for the huge amount of spacing here, my blogger layout wasn't allowing the whole box to be read)


Yahoo was editing the chat, and only allowing certain comments to go through, but I was pleased that a few of my questions got through.

Puppy Bowl has to be the sweetest and cutest part of Super Bowl Sunday.
It's something that my son can watch, and feel like he's part of the "BIG DAY".
He usually falls asleep right after the National Anthem is sung....

I hope if you aren't a big sports fan, that you will still give the Puppy Bowl a shot. Animal Planet does a great job with this adorable idea.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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  1. I saw previews of the puppy bowl and have plans to watch it. They are so cute!