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Friday, February 22, 2013

Love, Peace, Hope

I think today I want to focus on very important things.
Aspects of our lives that should be present everyday.

LOVE.. each moment, because you never know if it is your last.
LOVE... your children, even if you want to sell them on eBay sometimes...
LOVE... others who are unable to love anyone else...
LOVE... yourself, even if your mirror is always "wrong".

HOPE... for a better tomorrow.
HOPE... each step is one in the right direction.
have HOPE... even if your surrounding by doubt.

 Be at PEACE... even through the chaos.
Carry PEACE within you... it may rub off on others.
Have PEACE within your mind... within your soul... stress is less likely to seep in.

 Light will always float above the darkness.
As you can see, a million tiny lanterns... can cast a wonderful amount of light.
Be the singular lantern... that helps to create the light in others.

Have a Beautiful, Peaceful and Lovely Weekend.

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