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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back Pain + Exercise = No Fun

If you've been with me for a while, 
you know that I have a pain syndrome caused by injuries that never healed properly...
You know that I am regularly in pain.. but it is manageable.

This week... not so much.
My lower back, right above my hips has been stinging and aching since about Sunday.

I know there is nothing I can do about it.
I know that I am not over exerting myself...
So, I keep working out...
I keep pushing through the pain...
And I keep reheating my microwavable heating pad....

As I sit, I feel the pain swell from my tailbone, and creep up my back to my lumbar area.

Funny enough.. I don't feel it during a workout.... but, after.. oh yeah, THERE IT IS!

Waiter? I'll have a bottle of Advil please? Water? No no ... no time for that...
(joking.. I swear... kind of.)

My resolve is being tested yet again today.

There were corn muffins, cake, and bagels in our break room.
And downstairs had a party... with ice cream cake...

The truth of yesterday?
I took a tiny piece of ice cream cake.
And I logged it in my APP
4 oz = 250 calories of yummy awesomeness that I savored... For AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

Two gigantic egg casseroles, biscuits, bagels, cake, etc. etc... in my break room.
I had my yogurt for breakfast, and I am not going in that room.. 
Not falling for that trap.

I am starting to really notice my body becoming toned.
I can see it in my muffin top region.. as well at my stomach.
My legs are appearing slimmer as well.
Total Score.

Working out a little everyday ... who knew?!

Temptations are bad..
But smell so good.
I'd eat that entire tray of egg casserole..
If I Could!

Little poem for you. Did you Like it?!

Going to heat up the heating pad.
And then, maybe, just maybe.. I'll do some work.

We'll see.

*just kidding.. i swear... I'm totally HALF kidding...*

Happy Wednesday!

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