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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's proven... even a little bit counts

I read articles... here, there and everywhere.

I am doing a lot of reading right now about exercise and healthy eating... and portion control.

Today, I came across this:

Stay fit WITHOUT the Gym!

This article shows that even a little bit of exercise a few times a day can amount to A LOT of exercise.

So, the mindset that I've had...
That my taking the stairs everywhere... and my little walks around the building were going to add up.

Well, I was right.

And, that these little "exercise breaks" paired with a healthy workout would increase my chances of also losing weight and becoming healthy... Also proven.


**Big Smile**

I am confident that once the Healthy Lifestyle (along with muffinless top and weight) is achieved...
I will be able to maintain it by doing a lot of normal everyday things... 
That I can also call "exercise"

Figured I share this with you.

Have a Beautiful weekend.

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  1. I try to do a little bit of exercising each day and I have lost weight as well, 7 pounds in 3 weeks.