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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Morning Photo Prompt - Decisions

Let's try something new... and fun!

Monday Morning Photo Prompt - found here

Here are the rules:
The Challenge
Create something (a poem, a short story, whatever) based on the picture.
 So here we go:

He sat in his pick-up truck outside the building... her building.
This is where she went to work everyday.
This is where she was, when she sent him that text...
The text that changed everything.

"I'm not sure if we are in the same place anymore. Maybe we should see other people."

She sent it from work.
Who breaks up with someone, over a text, while they are at work?

He had to see it.
He'd never been to her work before.
Never met any of her work friends.
For a year, none of these things seemed important to him.
But, now, for some reason they mattered.
He looked at his cellphone, 7 a.m.
People will start showing up soon, he thought.
She's always early, maybe I should cut out.
But, as if this was his very last link to her... he couldn't turn the key in the ignition.
He couldn't move on...
So, he reclined back, and tried to make a decision of what the plan was.
What am I doing here?, he thought, Have I really been reduced to this?
His eyes welled with tears... but he would not let them leave his eyes.
He was now angry that he had allowed this woman to get so deep into his soul.
He tried to turn on the radio to calm him.
Of course, their song played... Loud and Strong... 
He roughly turned off the radio.
Silence was better.
Silence was all he had now.
He heard the rumbling of an engine, and quickly checked his rear view...
Afraid it might be her.
Nope. What got out of the rust old Buick next to him, was an older man, looked to be a Security Guard... 
They exchanged a smile, and then man began to walk away.
But, as if he knew something was off, he stopped and approached the pickup.
"Everything okay?," says the Security Guard.
He nods.. the security guard nods back, "Well, okay.. have a nice day."
The security guard makes his way to the building... her building.
He hangs his head... in shame... in sadness... 
and starts the pick up truck.
Puts the car in park... and pulls away.
With the building dwindling into nothing in his rear view mirror he smiles, and wonders...
Got to love a cliff hanger.


  1. Wow! One of the longest M.M.P.P. responses I've ever encountered! I've always said that a simple picture can evoke a complex story, and you've proved that point quite well!

    Thanks for playing, Kateri!

    I hope to see you back again next week.
    (Everybody's welcome!)

  2. nicely told Kateri! You caught the mood of this image and it was a cliff hanger! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!