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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Last Day...

Today is the last day of my work week.
Thank goodness for that.

It has been a very quick week.
Which is wonderful.

I've had a very successful healthy week thus far, however.. I am scared about the next few days..

Days at home are harder to maintain healthy eating, than when I am here.
I know it sounds silly... but, it's the truth.

My goal for the weekend is not to gain anything back.
I don't have to lose any weight.. 
I just want to stay where I am:
Just for this weekend.

Easter will be coming up on Sunday.
I am trying to make myself healthy options to bring to the dinner at Klay's Parents.
I am going to roast a chicken, and make a mixed green salad. On the side of the salad, I plan to have a sunflower seed, dried cranberry, goat cheese topping... 
Or possibly make my own salad dressing.
Of course, I will make enough for everyone attending...
But, I just don't want to be stuck with the
Potatos, Ham, Butter soaked Green Beans...
I've done the numbers on it.
They do not show in my favor.

Plus, there's dessert.
I have to bring a dessert...that's what Klay's mother asked me to do.
I was thinking of Peach Cobbler.
I think I can manage to bake a frozen make one.
Have to see.

Looking up recipes as we speak.

Healthy options for next weeks eating...

I am planning on making one main dish for the week:

Lemon Marinated Chicken Recipe
Lemon Marinated Chicken - Found it here

And then, as a bean side dish, to use over salad, or just on it's own warmed up:

Spicy Indian Dahl Recipe
Spicy Indian Dahl - Found It Here!
 I'll make this either Sunday night, after Easter Dinner or Monday Morning...
And I'll make enough for 5-6 portions (for each of us.)
It's nice to make things in bulk.
It makes dinners easy.
I always keep extra fruit and vegetables in the house.
And, if anyone is just plum bored of what I've made...
There are frozen bertolli meals in the freezer.. and canned soup in the cupboard.

I am cooking, tasty, healthy things for me...
Everyone else has to fall in line.
I think my compliment from my father said that my healthy cooking was worth while!

I have my Lean Cuisine's for lunch, for the next few days...
I need to pick up more yogurt for breakfast...
Or maybe I'll do some hard boiled eggs..
Not like we won't have them already...
It's Egg Dying Season.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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