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Monday, March 4, 2013

The universe can speak...

I work for a Christian Organization..
I really do love the environment in which I work.

And, even though their message is centered around a Christian view point...
I can still hear the "big picture" ideas.

I believe that religion is what you make it.
That the principles are all positive.
I just can't find a reason just to follow one of them.
They all hold such amazing truths...

Today, during our weekly department prayer meeting...
My boss said this:

"Sometimes we have to trust... even when the way seems dark."

As of recently, I have decided not to wallow in the things that I cannot change.
I have been looking for the positive.
Not letting the negative things in my world absorb me...
and turn me into an awful bitchy psycho!

So, this statement... 
Well.. it's as if the universe was speaking to me.

The message came out of my bosses mouth, and basically knocked on my cranium.

Okay, universe I hear you.

It was an affirmation that I am doing the right thing.
That my mindset is correct.

But, the statement also made me think of walking through a dark room.
 You know what I mean?

When you wake up late at night, and have to use the bathroom? 
You don't want to disturb anyone in the house...
So you walk in complete darkness.

Unafraid.. because you know the way.

It's as if you allow your mind to take over your sight.. and just move through it.

I think that when things are physically dark in our worlds... the stress of life is just written everywhere.. plain to see.. that we should allow our sight to shut down, and allow our minds to take us through the day.
Protect ourselves.
Our minds and our spirit know the way...
And will get us where we need to be...

I had to write this down.
I thought it was an amazing thought progression.


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