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Friday, March 15, 2013

Working out

Is not easy for me.
My body gets sore.
I feel feeble...

I don't push myself to the limit...
and that's what makes it worse.

This week, I have worked out 3 days in a row.
I will need to figure out some way to be active this weekend.

I don't know why...
But it's far easier to stay on track when I am here at work.
Not when I am home on the weekends...
Overall, the weekends just ruin it.

Maybe I should start sleeping at work....
Not going to happen.

It's still a little TOO COLD for me to walk up and down our road...
Plus.. people seem to drive faster on it in the cold..
Probably because they think that no one is going to walk on it.

Oh yeah.. COLD.
It went from Spring like 55 degrees...
to 28 degrees.

It's completely and utterly unfair.

I don't need it to be in the 70's or anything.
but, 55 degrees was really nice.

if maintained, I could be outside this weekend...
Just saying.

I want to do something fun and active...
Any ideas.
What do you do on the weekends that keeps you active?

I suppose if it's really cold, Emry and I could some xBox Kinect... that seems to get me moving.. and all sweaty and gross....
That could be something....

 But, being outside would be great...
I wonder if the ground is too mushy to hike?
Really get us OUT of the house.

Before I get completely absolved in being ACTIVE this weekend.
There are some clear things that need to be done Tonight into Sunday:

1) Grocery Shopping
2) Washing the Sheets and remaking the beds
3) Cleaning Bathrooms
4) Vacuuming
5) Going to Yankee Candle and getting a reed diffuser refill
6) Easter Bunny Picture
Tonight, Emry has an activity with his friends..
Which means that Klay and I should get 3 hours to ourselves..
Which is really cool...
But, I think that might be spent doing at least ONE of the ABOVE SIX THINGS.
 (Isn't being a parent swell?)

I should be making my grocery list now.. while I have the time.

I should be doing a lot of things right now...
Oh well...

Let's get motivated.

Until later my friends.

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  1. We can meet in the middle with the weather. It will be 90 degrees this weekend. I made a path inside my house to walk because it is too hot to walk outside. Plus the air quality is bad. The walking inside my house is working out real well. Keep up the good work.