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Monday, April 8, 2013

Living a Healthy Lifestyle when you are Sick

For the past week I have been dealing with a weird... medical concern.

Doctor really had no answers for me...but, great guesses.
You have to try a couple of things..
Take a couple of meds....

To no avail.

I'm getting worse though.
I can feel my body feeling more cruddy by the day.

More concerns have arisen.
Doctor is going to check me again today.
Another 1/2 personal day to be taken.

How does one live a healthy lifestyle when they are not 100% well?

I keep trying to work out. . . Just won't push it super far. 
I am pacing myself more than I have been.

No 10 minute mile today...
I could barely do 1/2 a mile in 10 minutes today.
I ache.
I am tired.
I am nauseous. 

I'm already eating healthy.. but, when I don't feel well..
I want comfort food.
I won't eat it...
But, hell do I want it.

How do I keep my body on the right track? 
Or do I say, "Forget this" and just allow myself to be comforted by
Inactivity and Carbohydrate filled food options.

I'm almost afraid to find out that I caused this by changing my diet to quickly and/or exercised too hard.
But, I am hoping it isn't that... I don't think I am pushing myself very hard.
I know I could be working out more.
So... it can't be that... right?

Overall, I am really worried.
I get very worried when it comes to my health and the potential that I may have to take off extended periods of time from work. I save all my sick time/personal time for my son.. and if he needs me to use it. We are buying the house, and I need the vacation time to close on the house and move in.
It seems that when I need to be healthy... I seem to fall apart.
And that is just the "Murphy's Law" of my life...

I have to push through.
Hope for the best.
Just try to keep being positive.
Even though...
it's very hard..
and I'm very worried.

About me.
My work.
My life.
My body.
Just everything.

Keep me in your thoughts.
I need all the positive energy I can get.


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