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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A healthy lifestyle and diet is always subject to temptation.
Temptation, for me, is usually when I have to go to a restaurant.

Today, after work, there is a farewell dinner, for someone who is moving out of the country.
We all had to pick meals up front, and I must say, it was no easy thing.

The selections were:
(I will add a rough nutritional estimate)

Tilapia Piccata
(401 calories, 15.6g Carbs, 22g Fat, 23.5g Protein)
Meatball over Rigatoni
(519 calories, 79.8g Carbs, 10.3g Fat, 24.5g Protein)
Chicken Marsala
(448 calories, 13.3g Carbs, 26.6g Fat, 28.8g Protein)
Eggplant Parmesan over Penne
(392 calories, 15.2g Carbs, 30.6g Fat, 14.6g Protein)

I chose the Eggplant Parm over Penne. In theory, it seemed like the safest option.
The meal will probably be served with Rolls, Salad, and a cake (for dessert).

How do I stay healthy and not look like a HEALTH FREAK?
Or look like the girl who is STARVING herself...
(My change of eating habits has some people saying that I am "crash" dieting... Which offends me, because I eat... all the time, I'm just more cautious about what I put into my body. And, I exercise, daily... Which yields wonderful results.)

I thought about this... in depth...

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Get a lot of Water. The more water I drink, the less I will think about eating.
  2. Have conversation. The more I chat, the less I will stuff my face.
  3. Dressing on the side, if there is a salad... Try to eat more salad than entree.
  4. Cut my meal in half. Visually understand where the half way point is on the plate, and eat no more.
  5. With that in mind, try to eat more Eggplant, than Penne...
  6. Take home leftovers for Klay... He needs to eat too. 
  7. Stay away from the Rolls, which is hard.. nothing better than a roll with butter.
  8. As for dessert... I think a hot tea would be the safest thing... 
Hopefully by that point, I will be too full for dessert.

In theory, this should work.
It's the execution that I know will be most difficult for me. 
I try not to indulge during the week. I save any indulgence for the weekend, where it is the HARDEST for me to stay on track. 

But, these type of events will start happening more and more.
Just today, I got a notice about a covered luncheon that will be happening in May.
Which means, lots of FOOD... that I have no idea of.... and will be delicious. 

Healthy Lifestyle, means making a permanent change... A permanent change that will be challenged.
It shows my dedication when I can honestly say No to unhealthy food, and Yes to the healthy ones.

What would you do in this circumstance?

Lent has been over for half a month now... and I am still sticking to my guns about Limiting the Junk.
It feels good.
I feel good.
And, well, not to toot my own horn, I look pretty good too.


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  1. You're doing great and sometimes it's okay to look like a health nut! Plus, you aren't doing it for these people, you're doing it for yourself and that's all that matters. Plus if you're starting to think you look good, that should give you some incentive to stick to it.

    Everyone slips every once in a while, I'm the worst! I gave in to taco bell last night because my family wanted fast food while we were out shopping and I didn't want to starve all night. But I didn't overeat and I took a midnight walk hehe. I still don't think I'm looking any better, so go you!!!!