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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The perfect mother...a gift for mother's worldwide!

There isn't one...
I'm sure we all know that by now...
But, does that stop some from trying like hell to portray that image?
No.. Trust me... It doesn't.

Whether it's via blog.. in person (shrieks)... or on the phone...
Mothers have always, in one way or another, tried to one up, or down talk each other.

And, quite frankly, It fucking sucks.
Yup. I dropped an F-bomb... So what?

I read a lot of mom blogs..
I know a lot of mothers...

You read, and hear some pretty messed up shit.
You can, also, if you are not thick skinned, lose a lot of sleep 
and a butt load of self-confidence 
over what other mothers say.

With Mother's Day rapidly approaching, I was pondering with the best Mother's Day gift could be... 

Your children, and families will dote on you personally..
But, what can we do... For other mothers??????

I have an idea!
We can join forces... and stop BASHING each other!

We can realize that we all are different!
And there are NONE... let me repeat that word

Advice is one thing.
Down right bashing will be completely unacceptable and FLOG worthy.

I am tired of reading an article, and/or speaking around other parents 
who tell me I am wrong.

Last time I checked..
There was no freaking manual to parenting.
Oh, also the last time I checked...
My son isn't the devil...
Can hold a normal conversation (even if sometimes he uses his "adult voice")...
Is intelligent and creative...
And to me... I think that's all that matters.

So for Mother's Day...
Make it a point, you mothers out there, to stop Mom-Bashing in its tracks.

Our styles may differ, but I hope, our intentions are all the same:
To raise a child (or children) who will be happy, smart, and healthy.
Who do not bully..
Who do not judge others...
Who are helpful, and kind...
Funny, and Strong...
Beautiful and Handsome.. Just as much on the inside as the outside.

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  1. You go girl! You tell them!!!! I just love the way you write. It seems like you can go on for days. That was awesome and it made me smile like this ----> :D