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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Being Naked

I swear this is a PG rated post... I swear!

Before I had lost the weight...
I was uncomfortable looking at myself in a mirror, especially one that showed me from the bust down.
I saw things that I hated...
I saw a person that I didn't know...

It's weird, since I had Emry, and gained all the fun fun weight, I never saw myself as fat.
Now, believe you me, I had fat... I had more than I should have....
But, my mindset was still from a much thinner person.

Then, I would see pictures of myself (or see myself nude in the bathroom mirror) and think:
"Who is that person? I am not her."

I have lost 2.2 pounds of my new goal, which means I have 7.8 pounds to go.
Looking at myself naked (or in a picture taken by someone else), has become an interesting thing...

I still see the fat girl.
It's as if my mind has totally flipped.

How freaking weird is that?

When I was skinny, I thought I was fat...
When I was fat, my head thought I was skinny...

Does this happen to anyone else?

Maybe it's the problem that we are never truly happy with ourselves...
That we are our own worst critics....

I know I look fifty times better than I did 4 months ago.
I know, that all of my clothes are hanging off of me.

Why don't I see it?

It's an odd surreal moment.

Do we have any thoughts on this topic?

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  1. I don't but I am so unhappy with the way I look in the mirror that it makes me sick. When I was thin though, I did think I was fat. I think our minds are already made up sometimes.

    But go you! You are such on track to a better and healthier life, that's awesome! And nore than I can say for myself. I've been stressed... which doesn't help my eating habits.