People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, June 21, 2013

Defending your Lifestyle

there was yet another party within our building.

The last time we had a party, there were a few haters, and I felt very insecure about me, my eating, and my lifestyle.

I was scared it was going to happen again.

This party was after lunch, and contained all dessert food.

I wasn't planning on indulging...
I really wasn't hungry at all.

But, I knew to some, it was going to misinterpreted and skewed...

I didn't want to feel that way.

So, we sat for the service, honored the people who the party was about, and I took a fruit cup when it was over. 
And I proceeded to go back to my office, I was kind of busy...

Fruit Cup sat, I worked, I really didn't want it...
So it continued to sit.

Gia comes by...
Notices the uneaten fruit...

"Aren't you going to eat that?"
"Maybe. I'm not that hungry."
"Oh, I took this, blueberry buttery crumble thing, it's really good."
"You want a piece."
"No, I'm good."
"Not even a little piece."

In my head... I'm thinking Not Again. 

"Why do you do that?"
"Try to force food on me. It makes me feel like you think I starve myself. And, it hurts my feelings."

*She paused*
"Oh I never meant to do that, I'm spanish, it's in my nature." **COVER UP**
"I'm Italian, it's in our nature to eat everything, but I'd never do that to you."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."
"It's okay, but, this is really hard for me as it is. So, if anything, I need support from my friends."
"Oh okay.."

And then we moved on to another conversation.

I stood up for myself.
I stood up for my healthy lifestyle.
I defended my weightloss, and my success...
I defended all that I am trying to achieve.

And, I am proud of myself.

And, that leads me to this:

Never let anyone discourage you.
You have a dream?
You have a goal?
You working your butt off to achieve it?
Good for you.
Anyone who doesn't respect you for that...
Doesn't support you for it... 
Is NOT your friend...
And you do NOT need them in your world.

Do not be ashamed for what you want or need.
Your life.
Your journey.
You do it on your terms.

No one walks it for you..
So no one should be able to take you off of it.
Or make you feel bad for doing it.

Inner strength.
These are important traits...

Your true friends and family will see this.

Feeling Empowered.
What about you?

Happy Friday.


  1. Woohoo! Good for you for standing up for yourself, you should be proud and feel empowered.

    Also thank you for the reminder to never let anyone bring me down. I am personally my own very worst critic. I am harder on myself then anyone else ever has been, but I need to take it easier on myself and this helped remind me of that.

    June is Hydranencephaly awareness month - help spread the word