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Monday, June 10, 2013

Here I am.. You miss me?

Friday was the work day from hell.
Yes it was.
I got up from my desk.. for lunch, and one 5 second potty break.

It was insane.

This weekend...
Was blissful.

The majority of the weekend was spent cleaning out the garage, organizing, and cleaning...
But, there was this moment on Saturday...

Where I took Emry out for some fun.

I put all the work on the side...
And I took Emry out.

We met up with some of the Karate parents (and their kids)...
and we went to an antique car show... at the cutest themed 50's diner.
And we spent the entire afternoon/evening there.

Totally worth it.
So much fun.

And, Emry had a ball with his friends.

I had a blast as well.

Now that the weekend is over, and the week has begun...
I am exhausted.
Literally, my eyes are closing, and I am having difficulty staying awake.

Too much fun!
Or maybe it was too much work..
Let's blame the work... shall we?

This week, I would like to plant a hydrangea by my mailbox..
It's almost gone... I've been neglecting it... so, I need to do this today or tomorrow...
 I think I can save it!
(Fingers Crossed People)

Another busy day of work is ahead of me...
I just wanted to sit down, and let you all know that I'm here...
And, I'm happy.

I hope to be able to fill you all in, in way more detail, later on...

Stay with me friends!

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