People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, June 28, 2013

Is snacking part of a healthy lifestyle?

I am a firm believer that you shouldn't deny yourself a snack...
every once in a while.

Let's face it, for all my lady readers, there is a specific time during the month, wear we crave the snacks more than most.
Not, that it's that time, right now... but, it's the truth.

I had a serving of Light Baked Potato Soup Last night...
And well...
A couple of hours later...
My body told me that it needed some nourishment.

But, I didn't want fruit... or veggies.. or even a little hummus.
What I wanted sat right next to me.

Emry was sitting chowing down on his individual sized Salsa cup.. with a handful of salsa.

Oh my...
Chips and Salsa?
It's hard to start once you stopped.

So, I tried to think about it in an extremely healthy way.
Perhaps a little OCD and Crazy... but healthy none the less.

I took a single serving of tortilla chips (12 chips = 150 calories).
In our fridge, there is Hot salsa.. and Jalapeno Jack Dip
(We did taco night recently.. it's just left over...)

So, I looked at the serving sizes and dallied it out. 6 chips with salsa 6 chips with cheese dip.

My snack of 12 chips, with 1.5 tbsp of Salsa and 1 tbsp of cheese dip came out to 183 calories.
And I was satisfied with it.
I didn't go nuts.
But, I would have if I didn't take the serving size.. and put the rest away.
I know my limits.

So.. It led me to think..
Where does snacking fit into a healthy lifestyle?

Does it?
Or am I just kidding myself?

I think that snacking is a part of life.
And, we have to distinguish where the cravings come from.

Some cravings come from our bodies needing extra calories...
1) Whether it be because of a light meal schedule during the day.
2) Or if you had a crazy workout that burned through your reserve.
3) We've had a very emotional day and just need something unhealthy.
4) Hormone driven, bratty madness from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
5) etc. etc.

My thought process is:
If you have been eating healthy... and keep on top of your nutrition.
A snack... here or there... is not going to kill you.

I have hyperglycemia, keeping my glucose levels normal is very important.
If I don't.. well.. I can crash and pass out..
And no one wants to see that.
That's why, when people insinuate that I starve myself... I kind of laugh.
I couldn't starve myself.. if I wanted to...
I'd be unconscious in less than a day.
That's why it's very important to defend your lifestyle.

For instance, in my desk.. as I write there is:
* 9 mini bite size candy bars
* 3 protein bars
*a package of choclate raspberry hot chocolate
* a "sharing size" bag of Peanut M&M's.
* 1/3 of a container of Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds
* Lime & Salt flavored single serving bags of popcorn

If I have a craving... no matter what it may be...
I am fully equipped to handle it.
And, it kills my co-workers..
Because, on the most part...
I never delve into it.
And if I do... it's usually a little scoop of the pomegranate seeds...
Everything else is there... well, in case of emergency.

I also always carry glucose tabs with me.
In case I'm in the car, and danger strikes.
Believe me, it has happened.

Do you do it?
What foods/snacks do you find it hard for you to stop eating?

I think that everything is acceptable in moderation.
A healthy lifestyle means that you are staying active and eating healthy a majority of the time.
It does not mean that you can never look at a candy bar or handful of chips ever again!

Am I right?
Or Am I wrong?



  1. I am currently counting calories to lose weight per my doctor. I don't deny myself snacks if I stay under my daily count and always stick to serving size. This way I keep it under control.

  2. Snacking is a part of life especially if you have a busy lifestyle! Plus moderately treating yourself to something daily doesn't hurt either. Just have to have control. I read somewhere that chocolate helps you lose weight. I snack every day! Some days I snack heavily like when you see the stuff on my blog that I bake. Mostly I snack lightly though. Dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruit, a little chocolate, frozen yogurt, sunflower seeds....gotta keep my mouth busy when I feel like eating a lot haha. When it comes to that time of the month I NEED chocolate. My cosmic brownies and Hershey chocolate bar with almonds. The extremely large one. Guilty of being a bad baaaaad girl I know *hides face*