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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taking your own advice

Walk away when you know you're angry.
Walk away when you know you're going to say something you don't mean.
Walk away when you are about to lash out, because you are very tired.

I say these things, to others, and I, for the most part, do them.
Last night...
Was really hard for me to walk my talk....

I was over tired from work.
I was drained from being "Dear Abby"  and I had to sit through a karate class...
Monday was the, "I don't feel like being present" day for Emry.
He was being a six year old boy who wanted to be outside, not in a stuffy Karate Dojo.
He wasn't misbehaving, he just wasn't giving it his absolute all.
Like he has been.

I kept hearing them correct him for the same mistake.
Over and Over and Over and Over.
Each time he would look at me, and I was just look back, as if to telepathically say: 

His distaste for being focused rolled over to dinner...
I have this rule.. it's more of an incessant need I have...
Not to let food go bad in the fridge.
Emry had peas last week, and the itty, bitty, tiny remainder of them (1/4 cup at most) sat in the container in the fridge.

"I want corn."
"Can we finish the peas, and you can have corn tomorrow?"
"I don't like peas."
"You love peas, you made me buy them, multiple times.. you just don't feel like peas."
"I feel like corn."

*Slaps Forehead*

"I walked into that one. Let's finish the peas, and I'll give you TWO slices of watermelon with you dinner."

Dinner starts...
He eats everything.. but the peas.

"I need a drink."
"Start on those peas, while I get you some juice."

I take my time getting the juice...
He's trying to fill up, it's a game he does, he tries to fill up on everything, other than the one thing he needs to eat... Because in his head (not that it's ever happened) he'll get out of eating it.

I get the juice...
Not a single pea has been eaten.

Now, I'm tired, so I start being REALLY stubborn.

"Eat half the peas, and I'll give you the juice."
"I ate some."
"That's a lie."
"I ate two."
"That's nothing... come on, half the peas... you could do that in 2 scoops"
"What if I sneeze peas?"

*Trying not to chuckle*

"Do you have to sneeze?"
"Kid, don't do this, just eat the peas."


"Excuse me."
"I want juice now."
"That is not how this works."


I put the juice on the counter.
I am being really really stubborn by this point... his stubborn, makes me stubborn... when I am this tired. This isn't helping anyone, and I know it.

"I'm going to heat up my food... I'll bring the juice back with me.... then maybe some of those peas will be gone."


"Cheezus Crust Kid... What is with you today?"
"Go to your room, we'll do bath time first, and if you're good.. you can try to finish your dinner."
"What about my juice?"
 "It's part of your dinner."

That's when you can feel the burning from your 6 year old's EYES burning through the back of your skull.

At this point Logical Mom is going: What are you thinking here?
And Over Tired Mom is thinking: We're not in a desert, he won't die of thirst.

Over tired Mom was winning by a landslide.
Bath went fine...
I put him in front of his plate.
He starts to eat...
I give him the drink.
He stops eating, and then proceeds to drink the entire (16 ounce... I freaking measured) glass of watered done juice. 

This is what I knew would happen.

"Mama, I'm full."


Time bomb time...
It wasn't.

"Eat you dinner and then put yourself in bed. I'll tuck you in later."

And I walked to my room, and shut the door.
No yelling.
No screaming
No saying stupidity....

Just silence.
And you know what...
He finished those peas in about 2 minutes...
I heard him put himself into his bed...

And, I tried like the dickens to stay in my bed, and not allow my over tired, already stubborn, angry mom voice to take hold...

It takes a while, but Logical Mom wins...
She's such a bitch.

And then.. I was fine.. I was calm...
I did go in and tucked him in...
Even turned on his fan... since even with the light sheet... the room was warm...

You tell people:
"Find you light."
"Walk away when you are angry"
"Don't say things you don't mean."
"You're the adult, act like it."
"Don't let your dark take over."
"Tired is not an excuse to be mean."

You got to practice what you preach.

It's just good karma.



  1. Good for you! I myself am more than guilty of loosing patience with my kids at times (especially the teen) and I will admit that it is very hard to walk away and calm down especially since my 13 year old has a temper and a mouth... Good for you, you are such a great mom and you are teaching you pr son amazing life lessons

  2. I enjoyed reading this one. It made me laugh. What a cute kid :) Way to go for finally finishing them peas!