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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Infamous One Pound

I have been one pound away from my goal, for about a week now.
It's not budging.
I didn't gain, nor lose any weight this weekend... which, in the grand scheme of things is kind of awesome.
Usually, my weekends are about 2lbs of gain, and that takes me about a day or so to burn off...

Being a woman, I know, SCANDALOUS, there is one week in the month that everything bloats.
That obviously was last week.

It didn't matter what I did, I couldn't get the scale to budge.

I kept doing what I normally do.
I am on a healthy track, and there is no reason to stress myself out with it.
This is progress for me.

one pound to my goal...
It's a big deal.

I just want to clear it...
So that I can move forward.
I can make a new goal, and work towards it.

For the week,
I have channeled my inner Chinese Chef, and I have used my wok.
I took:

String Beans
Red Pepper
Long Hot Pepper (Cubanellos)

and just a little Pam, S&P
And sauteed it in my wok.

Very tasty.

The vegetables let off an amazing amount of water,
so, I took all that amazing vegetable broth, and sauteed a pound of chicken in it.
The chicken took on all the flavor of the sauteed vegetables, and absorbed some of the broth.

 The chicken got this seared brown coloring, and smells AMAZING.

The vegetables alone are only 45 calories per cup.

The chicken is more for the men of the household.. so they can have MEAT.

My protein for the week is going to come from Spicy Southwestern Sabra Hummus.
I am going to heat up the veggies, toss them in a little hummus, and have a little pita with it.
That's my lunch today!
I also brought some YUMMY blackberries.

Life is pretty good.
With this silly extra one pound and all.


  1. I say to set your next goal. You stay focused and it'll go away when you're not looking.

  2. I say congrats! It's a huge thing to even by 1lb away from your goal. I know it might be frustrating but you are doing great!

  3. Oh man! That's the hardest... I'm at like the last 3-pounds so I think you're doing great! Whatever you're doing... keep to it, girl! Proud of you!