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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When work gets in the way of blogging

It's never fun when my job gets in the way of my blog.
It doesn't happen very often...
But, when it does...

I've been under a mountain.. no lie, MOUNTAIN of work today.

And I have to admit, when I have to be stationary this long, my mind wanders over to snacking.
It's just easy to graze while working on things...

Have I?
Will I?
I hope not.

For Lunch I had a Curried Egg Salad and a couple Yellow Pepper Strips in a Pita Pocket.
With a side of Nectarines and Mangoes

All in all: 290 calories.

Pretty big lunch, all things considered... I was in the mood for a sandwich..
Bread needs to win every now and again.

What did you have for lunch?

Does anyone have any suggestions for healthy, low calorie lunch options for me?

I suppose work has to win again...

Until Next Time.

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  1. I did a week of meals for Sue that worked out to be about 1500 cals a day. Shoot me an email and I'll send you the google doc if you want it.