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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family Nutrition Is Important.

I didn't know how to eat to maintain all of my hard work.
Emry is confused about eating, since I have cut my portion sizes in half....

Made sense... let's go see a nutritionist.

He needs to learn to eat more...
I need to learn if I am eating the right amount.

Doctor gave me some useful tools that addressed both of our issues.

I would like to share them with you (I think they are useful whether you have child(ren) or not):

  1. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. Want a Cheese burger? Have one! But, make them mini! And mix the cheese in with the meat.. making pseudo meatball patties! You can add arugula or another veggies in their too. Pack as much into them as possible. Plus, little food is more FUN to eat.
  2. Break your plate into FOUR portions.
    I know it seems silly.. but even though I have seen this visual tool, and try very hard to implement it.. It was a major eye opener to Emry. The way the doctor explained it... He just got it. He understood what I was finally saying about his meals not being "enough".
  3.  Seasonings are your friend. Getting bored of the same type of food? Even though you know it's healthy.. you just want to run to burger king and completely indulge in grease.. because it tastes sooo sooo good?!?!?! Most seasonings have really NO nutritional value, yet can change a boring meal into something with PIZZAZZ.
  4. Dessert is ALWAYS an option. This was one of Emry's favorites... He learned that if he is consistently eating healthy and balanced meals.. that dessert is a treat that he can have.. EVERY NIGHT... as long as it's not over the top. One scoop of ice cream... jello... pudding... All of these are awesome options... Or, he can be his own chef (which he loved).. and make new dessert creations (with a little help from me)

I learned how many calories I should eat to maintain this new weight... That number is roughly 1600 calories, depending on my activity level that day. If I am completely being a work out fanatic, I can eat more if needed... If I'm being completely lazy.. I eat a little less.

Emry learned that with him being in karate twice a week.. that he needs to intake MORE calories than a growing boy should have.. and basically.. He needs to eat full meals, and snacks... ALL the time.. And (from what the doctor told me, I shouldn't really deny him anything... his activity level is very apparent, by the MUSCLE tone he has... Not that it's abnormal.. She just has never seen such a defined child.)

Family Nutrition is important.
And I am so glad that Emry and I could learn about this together....

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