People Just as Crazy as Me

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Have a Bagel

A major part of my healthy lifestyle is limiting the amount of carbohydrates I intake from bread products. For really two reasons: 

  1. usually bread is higher in calories and can make or break a meal.
  2. Hi, My name is Kat, and I'm a bread-aholic. 

I really have a problem when it comes to bread, or bagels... I just... well, I could eat three delicious bagels in one sitting.. with all the cream cheese and butter you could stand. I know it's my weakness.. so I stay away. 

I eat bread, or a bagel thin, every so often... but, only one... and I make sure that I can't see if there are more in the house.. because I know I will over indulge. 

Once again, Hi, my name is Kat, and I'm a bread-aholic.

Recently, someone brought bagels and croissants to our break room. My office, if you recall, is right next to said break room...

"OOOOOH there's bagels."

I groan, I know this means that every person that walks into that room is going to mention the "B" word.. and my stomach, and bread addicted brain is going to want it. 

I had no idea.... how bad it was actually going to get.

You are not allowed to lose weight where I work. Well, let me restate that, everyone thinks it's wonderful that you are on the right track and being healthy... but, when there are snacks... it is their SICK obsession to try and push it on you... To see how strong you really are.. because by you eating some crap.. it MAKES THEM FEEL BETTER. . . . (yup, I'm heated about this one)

"Hey! Do you know there's bagels in here?" Co-Worker #1

"Oooh there's a pumpernickel.. don't you LOVE pumpernickel?" Karissa (brat brat brat)

"Chive cream cheese! Oh My!" Co-Worker #2

"Look at this spread of food.. BAGELS and CROISSANTS! and they are still WARM!" Co-Worker #4

"Kat (of course my real name is used at work), did you see the breakfast buffet in here?" My boss.

I kept politely declining.. Lots of no thank you's.

Karissa saw me weakening... She saw it becoming a problem for me.. So what did the snake do? 

"You can have one bagel.. it ISN'T going to kill you. I think you are being silly to not even have HALF of a bagel... Why is it such a big deal?" So on and so forth.

I just kept saying no thank you, that I had already had breakfast... That I really didn't want another one.

"Well... I guess because you are dieting you think that you're just better than the rest of us."

**KNEE JERK REACTION** "EXCUSE ME?" comes from my mouth in such a tone, that I knew heads turned towards my office. 

As you know, I have to keep my tone in check... at all times, so the fact that an attitude actually came from my mouth, is a REALLY big deal.

And I had to take a deep breath, and in a firm, assertive (and loud enough so everyone else caught the message) tone:
 "I am not on a diet. I have changed the way I eat. I am trying to be healthy, because it is good for me, and it is good for my family. A bagel will not kill me, but I know I cannot have just one. I know that I must slather it with cream cheese and butter.. then toast it. I know that I cannot control myself when it comes to that type of food. So I prefer to stay away from it. I wish, as a friend (Side note: a loose term really), you would respect my wishes. And try not to have so much enjoyment in watching me squirm. I would never do that to anyone who was trying to change 6 years of unhealthy, damaging eating habits. I think it's cruel. And, honestly, for that matter, I do not think I am better than anyone. If I thought I was, I wouldn't have started on this journey to be healthy, because if I was that narcissistic, I wouldn't have seen my weight or unhealthy eating as a problem. I hope this makes things clearer for you."

She blinked... several times. "Jeez. Okay, you don't need to freak out." 

"I didn't freak out. I just wanted to clear up the misconception you had about my lifestyle choices."

She walked away.

It upsets me... on a daily basis on how hard I (and others) have worked, and that people (and society) just wants to tear them down. 

I reserve my bread and sweet foods.. for the weekends, or when I go out to an amazing dinner. 
For BBQ's ....and on days that I know I have busted my ass in the gym. On those days.. I'll have a cookie, or an OREO TRUFFLE... .or a HAMBURGER WITH CHEESE! And maybe one day, when I know I am in complete control of this lifestyle.. a BAGEL (with cream cheese).

If my process isn't for you.. don't knock it... but, try and respect it a little. 



  1. Go you for standing up for yourself. I don't think you freaked out at all.

    If I may clarify for some of the people who feel the need to feed others ("push food on them"). In my family, it's a thing we do. I come from a family that loves food and the other side is Italian. We see feeding people as an expression of love and sharing what we have with others. I'm not saying your coworkers all do, but for me at least its an expression of affection.

    When/if we meet and I try and feed you, I'm just showing I care and I don't want it to come across the wrong way! You can ask Sue. I feed a lot of people. :)

  2. I need to remember to better respect friends who are changing their habits too. Thank you for reminding me to be supportive and not push things on them!

  3. Baking Suit does feed me. It's some of the healthiest food I eat.

    The coworker's statement that you "think you're better" is her way of justifying her own bad eating decisions, and her denial of the fact that she needs to be more like you. On some level she knows, but isn't ready to deal, yet.

    No excuse, just a thought. I long ago accepted I have lousy eating habits, but everyone gets there at a different pace.

    Good for you, sticking up for yourself!