People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, July 19, 2013

"I'm a really easy going person"

If someone ever says:
"I'm a really easy going person."

But then starts to bitch about the stress that everyone else puts upon her...

She is not an easy going person.

If someone says:
"I'm not upset."

But, then decides to "think out loud" and BITCH about something..

She was actually upset.

If someone cannot stand 30 seconds of silence between conversations..

And has to fill the silence with her chitter chatter...

She is afraid of the silence, and that is not a good thing....

I have always been an avid "people watcher"... 
The human dynamic, is very interesting...
My own, is the most interesting of them all...

I see my flaws, and my social awkwardness daily...
And, I make an effort to try and be better every day...
Not for other people, but for me..

I have been trying very hard this week not to engage Gia...
I am refusing to feed her toxic behavior, in hopes that it will not flow out onto me.
Conversations with her are truly exhausting...
Physically, mentally, and emotionally for me....

At first, she was very weird about me being quiet... And would stop by... my office, regardless of how much work I had piled in front of me... She is always mooching off my candy supply.

(Have I told you, I am a candy/snack hoarder... I don't eat it.. but oh boy do I love to look at it piling up in my desk... I've admitted it, so at least I am not in denial).

Now even though, I do not mind sharing my snacks... It gets to the point, where you wonder.. 
Hey chica... You know you're going to get hungry... Why do you not have any snacks?

And then, mid-week, the proverbial poo hit the fan, and I called out Gia on something.
Let me give you the back story.

Last week, I ate mostly raw foods... Not because I wanted to.. but, because I had to.
My father had bought the worlds BIGGEST amount of Fruits and Veggies.
I didn't want them to go bad... so, for lunch, I brought some hummus, and fruits and veggies to dip.

This week, even though I have been withdrawn... I noticed Gia not eating. And when she did eat, it was just fruit. Around Wednesday, she told me, that she had been having these headaches all week, and how tired and sluggish she has been feeling. Lightbulb went over my head. I started asking her about her lunches.. what she was eating at home... Turns out: She had been skipping breakfast, because "it was too hot too eat"... and eating fruit because it was cooling... (and then she slipped in that she was trying to lose a few pounds).. but that she was eating a real dinner. Which consisted of even more carbs and fatty meats. 

I knew... I asked her, "Are you eating only fruit, because of what I was eating last week?" 
She said no... but it was clear she was lying.. it was one of those long No's.
And I explained to her, that even though I was eating raw fruits and veggies, that I always had the hummus, or another protein source. That I do not skip breakfast... And my breakfast is protein filled. Why? because Protein SITS with you longer. She's a medical assistant, she should know about how carbs turn into sugar and then you have NOTHING in your body! (basically.) And then I told her, that if she was trying to lose weight, that filling up with natural carbs, and then bread and greasy meat.. was not the way to go. She said she understood..

She bought a sandwich that day... but, at least there was protein in it.... 

It kind of scares me that she is trying to mimic what I am doing, but in a completely unhealthy way. 
I had to sit down with my app, and go through my daily intakes for the past 2 months.. I had to make sure that I wasn't giving ANYONE the wrong impression. 

And, honestly, I swear, with ALL honesty, I am not. 50% of my food intake is protein, 45% is Carbs (most of that from the natural carbs found in fruits and veggies, and a little from bread.. i love bread) and 5% is fat. That is an awesome breakdown of food.

But, since I spoke with Gia, and showed concern about her health... it opened the door back to her bitching again... 

( I realize that I have used the B-word, a lot... I apologize.. but, that's kind of where I am today with this )


It will either click with Gia, that she is being crazy...
or it won't...
Time will tell...

I will always be nice, and helpful.. It's who I am...
But, I just won't be as.. involved.

What about you?
Any co-worker drama?

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. good for you for calling her out! she can eat it!... literally :) but seriously, thanks for setting a positive example!

  2. Everyone thinks they're easy going. Most people don't think other people are easy going. Conclusion: Easy going doesn't mean what we think it does, and is therefore a useless description, especially as a personality trait.

  3. I think that most people say they are easy going, because if they said "Hey I am an uptight bitch who complains about everything" then no one would ever want to be around them. Good for you for calling her on trying to be a copy cat (an unhealthy one) it is never good when someone tries to half way mimic someone elses habits. I hope that your co worker starts living her life, and quits making an bother of herself soon.