People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I AM A SIZE 6.... and I can BUTTON a pair of Baggy SIZE 4!


This is a big day for me.

I might have already said... my friend Lissa, was going to give me some of her bigger clothes...

Well, she could only find a few pair of pants... mostly size 6's and one size 4... Still in amazing, practically new condition...

I was a little eager.
So I went upstairs to my departments ladies room... and tried them on.

All of the Size 6's fit.
I could button the Size 4's....

There are dresses too....

I am over the moon right now.

Hard work
and Believing in yourself...

You can accomplish GREAT things.


  1. That's awesome! Just please be careful. You wouldn't know from looking at me now or for a long time, but I know how "tasty" being small can be.

    It's one of the reasons I struggle with staying on task, because I can't let myself be back "there", where little else matters.

  2. Nice! You'll help inspire me as I get into the smaller jeans I have in mind, too. Check out my blog on the link for my pants story.