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Friday, July 12, 2013

Round 2

My legs are still having that shaky feeling... so, once again I faced the stationary bike.
I tried a different regimen, an interval hill one... 20 minutes... 5 miles... I think that's pretty awesome.

I am toning my quadriceps, hamstrings and glut max while doing this... basically THIGHS AND BUTT... Which is one of my remaining thicker areas....

Honestly, my thighs have toned significantly since February, but I still have some of that flabby meat on them. I'm Sicilian... it's a hard area to tone. 

Also, my abdominal area... particularly in my lower abs, and obliques (muffin top area)... are still a little meaty... But even at my smallest, I had a pooch.. So as long as it's getting smaller, as I get smaller.. I'm pretty cool with that as well..

The other day, while on facebook... 
(Side note: I am not an avid facebook user, I try very hard not to become addicted to it, I mostly use it for my family that lives far away...)
I have a couple of friends on their.. One of them showed a picture of his beautiful wife. She is really into her fitness... and has .... No lie... An ENTIRELY sculpted body. Not crazy weight lifter chick... but, she has AMAZING muscle tone, and not a like of fat on her... NOT AT ALL....

I don't want to look like that... I think she looks amazing... but, personally... that isn't for me.

But, I found myself really staring at the picture... Particularly at her abs. She has sculpted 6 pack... and tight obliques... She makes a washboard look flabby....

I started to self-doubt... even though I don't even WANT to look like that... 
Maybe I am not working out hard enough... Maybe I am not pushing HARD enough...
I had to stop myself. I had to assure myself that I don't even want that.. and that this woman was already really skinny... toning is way easier when you aren't starting out with that extra cushion.

I have lost a tremendous amount of weight since February... I have toned my body as well... I am look and feel healthier than EVER before... These are BIG victories.And I am proud of those things.

I am doing this.. and will continue to do this... Because it makes me feel good.

Happy Friday Friends... Do what makes you feel good today!


  1. oh man, i do that ALL THE TIME. i used to work for and it made me really doubt myself to see all those fit women all the time. i'm so happy you recognized it! good for you, girl!

  2. Congrats on work out victory & for seeing results! I trying to tone up my stomach and legs. It is so hard to stick to it! :(