People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The rat race.

My OCD knows no bounds... I have a very structured weekday routine. 
And it is all dependent on two things:

  1. Preparation the night before: Picking out clothes, making breakfast and lunches to pack, laundry that needs to be done.. so on and so forth.
  2. My alarm going of at 5:00a.m.

This morning... #2 didn't happen.
*Giggles* I just said #2 didn't happen, and in a crude way, I find that funny...
But seriously:
The alarm didn't go off...  or well.. It said it did, it was in SNOOZE mode.. but, I do not remember it going off.. me getting my but out of bed, and snoozing it. . . . And it's loud.. I'm pretty sure it would have woken Emry up, if it kept going off.

So, with that said, I wake up from a very peaceful slumber, and realize.. "Wow, it's really bright out... waiiiit, why is it so bright out?"

5:26a... Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit... MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE...

Thank the gods that my father leaves for work an hour before I do.. Because, I stripped down to nothing, and started running to the bathroom... turning on the coffee pot... All nude... In 5 minutes... literally.. I was getting dressed... Pulled my hair up into something messy. Woke up Emry... Got everything done.. WHILE MOVING AT WARP SPEED.... and got out of the house on time. .. . . WITHOUT forgetting a single thing. I was proud... I was tired... I was.. still half asleep...

Somehow, the gods saw my struggle and lifted my car to the camp with 5 minutes to spare... I really don't know how that happened. I was able to go in, make sure Emry was secure with his breakfast.. and then get on the highway.

I still got to work with time to go to the gym.
To clean up, and eat my breakfast... and start work.

I was pretty amazed...

The rat race...
Oh my goodness... I never want to do that again.



  1. Hehe #2 didn't happen made me giggle too.

  2. LOL! #2 didn't happen LOL I hate it when #2 doesn't happen... I also hate it when I oversleep, and can totally relate to the superpower of being able to accomplish a list of things, and do it at warp speed.

  3. Your son has a vey unique name. I like it! I see you are still doing the gym thing. Keep it up! Good girl!!! You are my weight loss hero! So strong willed and such ambition! :)