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Monday, July 15, 2013


My overall energy level has been very dismal as of recently.
I posted recently, that my legs have felt like they couldn't hold me up for a morning workout... This may be a gross exaggeration... because I still get a pretty great workout regardless... It is just weird that my legs feel that way.

I've come to notice, especially today, that my overall energy level has really dropped.

This is starting to concern me.

I take a myriad of vitamins and supplements... 5 days a week. Why not on the weekends?
I forget too... My morning routine on the weekend is way different than it is on the weekday.
But still.... like clockwork Monday - Friday...I take my supplements. 

I am considering getting an appointment with my PCP and getting some blood work done. 
During my pregnancy, I was anemic... So perhaps it's an iron issue... But, it could be a deficiency in Vitamin B or D... or any vitamin really...It's why I am thinking the blood work could let me know if:

1) We got a problem here
2) Or I am pushing my body too hard.

I plan on calling the doctor in a few, and seeing when I can get in for just an overall "well" visit... 
I'm due.. and honestly so is Emry... 

I am normally not a coffee drinker, but I have been so tired, that I have been looking for that extra boost. That's how I know something isn't right.

Klay thinks it's my body telling me I need a break.
But, I keep telling him.. I'm not going crazy on these workouts... I really only burn 300 - 500 calories a day... And honestly, if you read any health magazines, blogs, authors, etc... You know that they strive for sometimes double those numbers in a day... 

I am switching my eating this week.. I have added more protein into my meals... So, that may help with a little bit of the fatigue. I was noticing that a lot of my lunches at work, were all fruits and veggies... with a little hummus or bean salad... My protein intake was on the low side. I think a lot of that had/has to do with the heat. I pack my and Emry's lunch the night before... It's been 90 degrees outside, and humid as anything... I think it's just easier for me to pack light and cool food options! 
This week, I have made more protein rich options available to me... and I plan to use them. 

It may just be a bad couple of weeks for me.. .We all go through them.. Right? Being exhausted?


Please send out a prayer (or good energy) for my friend Lauren... she's very pregnant, but isn't due until September. She has us all worried that the baby is coming way sooner than they think... Keep her and baby Brooke in your thoughts... I think they got her due date wrong... but, she shouldn't deliver the baby until next month at the EARLIEST.

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  1. praying for BOTH of you guys! i think a doc visit is a good idea for you. :)