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Monday, July 29, 2013

Yummy In My Tummy

Chicken Caprese Salad
Found it here

This week in food, we will be having Chicken Caprese Salad.
Looks Delicious... NO?

Nutritional Info (Serving Size 1/2 cup)
Calories: 186
Fat: 15 grams
Carbs: 3 grams
Protein: 13 grams

 I wanted something that I could heat up and put with some rice/pasta... or leave cold, and put over a salad. This totally achieved my wants/needs.

And, I can attest, it is certainly yummy in my tummy.

Our weekend was filled with amazing fun times....

Friday night, Klay came home from his training class.... We had Papa John's pizza and wings and cheese sticks... And just celebrated with a big family dinner.

Saturday night: Klay. Emry and I saw MONSTER TRUCKS, and went to our local County Fair! Klay had these amazing ribbon fries loaded with cheese and bacon (which Emry Stole HALF of)... Emry had a huge thing of Cotton Candy... and I.. I had a Chocolate and Nut Covered Apple.... My favorite! We walked around, and rode as many rides as we could... We didn't get home til very late in the evening. Completely worth it. Emry Slept until 10a Sunday Morning.

Sunday: We had Klay's parents over for dinner... the first dinner we have thrown in our new home. It rained, so we weren't able to bbq.. but, we still had an amazing family meal.. with great conversation!

I stayed as active as I could during the weekend... But, didn't obsess too much over it.
I was just happy to be... you know what I mean?

Today was an exceptionally long day. And, one would hope I would be able to go straight home after work? Nope. We got karate tonight, and then, I have to make dinner, get the kid to bed... and then drive almost 2 hours away... to go pick up Lissa from the airport... Won't be getting home until after midnight... *SIGHS* But, at least I will have 2 hours on the way home to hear about her epic vacation.

Tomorrow, since I won't be back until late, I am taking a sick day... Emry has a Physical Appointment, and I have a chimney sweep coming to get the fireplace ready for the fall... 
I mean, seriously, Halloween is less than 100 days away... 
And I plan to use my fireplace as much as PHYSICALLY possible this fall/winter.... Save on the gas bill!

Overall, I am tired... but happy... Feeling accomplished by the amount of work that I handled today...

How was your weekend?
Big plans for your week?


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