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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Random Post!

My blog-sista, Britney, over at It's on Random.. Has a Contest GOING ON!

Who doesn't love a good contest?

I know I do, so I will totally be participating... ALSO: I think you should too!

First things first, check out her BLOG!

She is an extremely witty, heart felt, newly married, ROCKING chick... 
Very artistic, very real... I think you'll love her. 


THIS IS THE CONTEST! Check it out, and give it a shot! Have a little fun!


It's time for a contest! Are you ready?

Create a Monster Based Mad Lib for our new book, Monstivities: A Monstrous Coloring & Activity Book

- Must be a short story relative to Monsters
- Must include at least 20 blanks with a specified lexical(noun, adverb etc.) or category for each blank.
- Must fit on a standard page size
- Must have correct grammar and spelling

What do you get?
You get to be a part of history! Okay, well... a book. But it's a really coo book! You will also be credited under the title, something cool to show your friends!

Email submissions to:

Friday, September 13th.

Book Details:
Available November 2013
Number of Pages: 50+

1 comment:

  1. Thank you :) You're too sweet! I can't wait to read everyone's submissions!