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Monday, August 19, 2013

And then... life was just... Normal

Our weekend was... EVENTFUL.

But, we had a major break through with Emry's food control issue. 
So much so, that we decided not to make a huge deal of it, and transition right into real food.
Real food with awesome options... and responsibilities being added all around.

I'm being cryptic. 
I should really spell this out.

Friday night, Emry ate his dinner without problem, before the timer went off again. I was out food shopping, and he was so proud to tell me that he had "SHATTERED HIS RECORD" when I got home. I saw something... and I kind of went with it.

After we got the groceries unpacked, got our new cat comfortable (there will be a post about this subject.) and made sure that we were set up for the morning.. We went to Emry's friends house, to celebrate her official birth DAY. 

There was a fire pit, and the kids played outside, and then they sat with us while we all talked.
Then... There was... FOOD. Oh man.

Chips, and Sno-Caps... together, you got to have your salty-sweet fix.. The kids had juice boxes, the adults had wine (and there may have been a shot of rum). Then, as if the sugar from the candy got the kids, and the wine got the adults... LET'S MAKE BURGERS! AND HOT DOGS! And so it was...

At first, Emry was kind of... on the fence about the whole hotdog/ hamburger thing. I was interested to see the outcome.. He just wasn't "hungry"... BUT, when all of a sudden I had two ginormous cheeseburgers in front of me... he was sort of interested... and by sort of, I mean he went bite-for-bite with me. And all in all ate a cheeseburger to himself. I didn't say a word.. just kind of LET it happen. 

Saturday, he went to his grandparents for the day... while Klay and I got our one Ren Faire day to ourselves...(More on this subject in a different post).

But for breakfast, I asked him if I could make him something... and if he would try it.
He said yes... asked what it was, and all I said, "I'm putting chocolate chips in it." He was sold.

I made him, Vanilla Yogurt, with Dried Cherries and Chocolate chips, on top of a Cinnamon Sugar Rice bowl (I found them at the super market... super yummy.. super big... 20 calories... I need say no more). And.... he ate it. He told me he didn't like the cherries.. but he tried them... and didn't make a fuss.

We went out to faire, He went to his grandparents..
Emry came home... It was late, he went to bed....

In the morning, he asked if he could have yogurt again, and we decided on Sunflower seeds, and chocolate chips.

We were supposed to go to faire as a family... however, we had kitten issues (I promise, it's a good story, please stay tuned) and then decided to spend the day at home.

We went out and bought ingredients for him to make healthy and fun lunches.
We built our own trail mix.. in which he picked out all the ingredients.

I think we ended up with:
  • apple cinnamon granola
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • dried pineapple
  • dried apricot
  • salted cashews
  • Heath Bar Toffee Pieces
All in all, I think these were great choices, and he has two small containers full... Which should last us as a snack for at least two weeks.. plus, I am sure Klay will sneak some.

For his lunches (and maybe dinners), we have picked three really cool and fun meal options!

  1. Tortellini Skewers - take a toothpick and place a Tortellini, a Steamed piece of broccoli, and a piece of cheese. Then on the side you can dip it in your choice of either Pizza Sauce or Salad Dressing. 
  2. Peanut butter Dippers - 3 tablespoons of Peanut butter, with your choice of dippers: Apple slices, celery, pretzel sticks, Nilla Wafers, Carrots
  3. Build your own pizza - a small handful of crostinis, with a side of pizza sauce, cheese, and TOPPINGS (this week we have pepperoni, broccoli, chicken, carrots)

He was very excited to build these things.
We were excited to pick them out.

Dinner last night was just the final test. We were trying to finish off the spicy cabbage. Now mind you, it isn't too spicy, more.... smoky.. and there was like <-this much-=""> of it left. So, Klay got some, I got some, and I compromised with Emry.
If he would eat this little (probably a 1/4 cup) of cabbage... I'd give him french fries and chicken nuggets to go with it. He said yes... He hate it.. and I could see that he HATED it... But, still... no problems... food disappeared in a good amount of time... AND he even got some ice cream for dessert.

It's as if... the veil lifted... and we were normal.

**Fingers Crossed**

Let's hope this continues!

Stay Tuned Today for:
  1. A post about our new cat... and that adventure *sarcasm*
  2. An argument between sisters
  3. Our week in food
  4. Throwing myself a birthday party... and the planning begins


  1. Yay go Emry! So proud! That must be a relief.

    Oooo cliffhangers, I'm intrigued! lol

  2. sooooo exciting. what a great post to read!