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Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Party Planning Post #2: To Favor or Not to Favor...That is the question

I am turning 29... not 9...

But, why is it that I feel that I need a party favor?

I went looking for "Adult Birthday Party Favors" and let's just say... I really should have erased that blonde moment from my head.. before it even got there... The results were... Well, what you expect, if you were THINKING straight. 

But, I was thinking, that I should have something to send people home with... Something to say "Thank you for coming!" ..... And, I really couldn't come up with anything.


I saw the above picture and thought.. Hey that's different, and people would love it... But... is it personal enough? *sighs* I guess it's not...

But, then... I saw this...

How to make S'mores in a jar
found it here
And I thought, this would be a fun thing... and I could keep them in the fridge until people started to disperse... and print a little label on the back with instructions of how to cook! I thought that could be something... 

Or I could just make an awesome trail mix, and fill baby food jars... print my own labels... tie with pretty ribbon... Hmmm

But, is it too immature to have a favor at an adult birthday party? I don't know.. I just know I want to do it...

What do you think? Should I?

What kind of favor would you like to receive from a party?


  1. SMORES in a jar is fucking bad ass! Dooooooo it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Not childish at all! It is fun and thoughtful and your guests will appreciate such a cool unexpected little treat!

  2. If I have a party, I almost always do goodie bags. When I was hosting "I Don't know you parties" they had Advil, mints, powerade mix packets, lip balm, prophylactics mini candy bars etc in them. BIG hit.

    I've done others, but not as much fun. I think the smores in a jar sound fun!

  3. I always make homemade soap to send home! Last year I did homemade facial scrub, lib balm and soap in a basket hahah