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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doomsday - - uh I mean Wednesday...

Today is the last day of Emry's grounding.

As of Monday's post, things had gone smoothly. It was as if I jinxed myself.

Monday, the bread of his lunch and the vegetables came home. *Slaps forehead*
His dinner took... FOREVER. To the point where I looked at him, and told him if he wasn't done in 5 minutes (A sandwich and a handful of carrot sticks took an HOUR), that I would throw away one of his toys.. that he couldn't sit me out. He didn't finish... I "threw away" his Furby. (Read: I put it in the trash, and when he went to bath, hid it in the garage... I'm not a complete maniac.) 

He was angry... He was upset... 
It didn't matter.

Tuesday, I packed him a sandwich, some fruit, and two celery sticks. 
Celery came home. 
I put it on his plate for dinner, along with a small salad... with RANCH dressing EVERYWHERE.. and a small sandwich. 
I warned him. I wanted dinner to be over in no more than 20 minutes... that I would set a timer or I would throw away another toy. 
He sat in defiance. 
Ate nothing.
20 minutes beeped, I threw away another toy. (A cheapy one, one that I knew wasn't a big deal. I think it was a happy meal toy...)
He cried... 
My heart sank.. but, I held strong.
 He asked if he was done with dinner... I said no, I set another timer, for 15 minutes... and told him to finish, or I would throw away another toy
15 minutes beeped... only half the sandwich gone. I was making our lunches for the next day...
I told him he lost one more toy, I reset the timer for 10 minutes, and told him if it beeped it be another toy. He snails paced it... Said the salad was TOO hard too pick up with his fork. Cried and Moaned about it... Timer beeped. I said two toys gone, set the timer for 5 mintues, and told him we would continue at this rate until he was done. He finished everything in that last 5 minutes.

Dinner took 50 minutes.. for a small sandwich and a handful of salad... with 2 celery sticks.
It would have taken half.. if he would just EAT.. and stop making an issue of things.

The two toys I threw away were hot wheels cars... I really don't like to throw away his things... but, obviously he doesn't think I am serious... 

I told him we would do this at tonight's dinner.

Which, is going to be a test with real food. Mac-N-Cheese, Salad, and a Protein. 
See if he'll eat it, with us, in a reasonable amount of time. 
Like, we all finish around the same time. 

If it goes well.. we'll go back to normal meals.. with snacks... and choices.... 

But, if it doesn't...
Emry knows next week will be RICE & BEANS week. 
Hard Boiled Egg and Milk for Breakfast.
Rice & Beans (plus fruit/veggie) Lunch & Dinner.

Emry also knows that.. at anytime... for any food defiance... that we will go back to this way of eating with him.

He will respect us, the food we make, and the food we have. 

If it kills me.


I have to admit, my strength on this issue has been depleted. I was so hopeful a week would be enough time. I am so sad to see that it may not be. I have all these amazing ideas for fun food ideas... Ways Emry can help in the kitchen. Making our own trail mix... having him take part in the yogurt breakfast bar! Things like that. And, I can't do that... until I know.. he has respect for food and the amount we have... and that throwing away food is NOT okay... and that honestly, he has to eat what is put in front of him. 

What was your most defiant moment with your mother?
Parents, how have you stood up against your children when they put their feet down?

Strength... Please... Send me some strength!


  1. I'm sending you strength, but I'm curious to know what's going on in his head through all of this. So many of the kids I have worked with and know use food (or potty incidents) to exert some semblance of control over their own life because they have so little.

    Why doesn't he want to eat?

  2. I was a picky child at times I hear, I wouldn't eat mashed potatoes because I couldn't stand the texture, I'm a texture eater still. I would sit there and gag on them until my mom gave in. Kids are stubborn and love to test you. My 13 year old does the same thing still, but she's old enough to where I tell her "If you don't like what we're eating, go to bed hungry" and she has sometimes.