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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fried Decadence 

It came out looking just like this... Fried Cheesecake... The lady was funny, she brought two forks, thinking I would let Klay have some... It was even funnier that she thought that I required a fork. 


Wrapped in a Phillo-Tortilla, and deep fried, with a sugar cinammon sprinkle all over it.. The plate came out with a healthy portion (read: immense amount) of caramel sauce... and a little dollop of whip cream... I am so glad it didn't come with ice cream... I would have gone into a coma. 

Where were we? 

If you love good bbq, a laid back atmosphere... and well, on Thursday nights, you kind of have to love singing or listening to Karoke... Then this is your place.

Check out the menu.. it's ... Oh MAH Goodness.

We went for their Thursday Night Special, which is a dozen wings and a pitcher of beer for $10.
The thing is... We don't do light beer... like at all... So we never really get the special price... 
It's just something we do every once in a while.... On a Thursday night.

My dad wanted some, and since he was home while our monster slept, we ordered him a dozen Brian's BBQ Sauced Wings and some fries. 

The waitress timed it perfectly that it came right before we left. She's always super nice. 

Klay ordered a Dozen Buffalo Wings, and a Guinness... He's Irish, he likes his Guinness..

I ordered 6 Peanut Butter Wings (Don't knock it til you try it) and 6 Chipotle Raspberry Wings (Yes I realize I had a PB&J thing going on)... with a Young's Double Chocolate Stout. (The beer was like the chocolate milk to my PB&J.)

Oh mah goodness, let me tell you about these wings.

They are not small.. they are MEATY... and you remove every last morsel of meat from them, and make sure the bones are licked clean.. They are THAT good.

The whole restaurant smells of smoked meat, and bbq, and mesquite... It's... BBQ Heaven. 

We finished our meals, and I just... well, I was just in the mood for a real dessert... Something insane... They had carrot cake, I can almost never say no to carrot cake... but then, Klay reminded me of the SPECIAL dessert...

Fried Cheesecake.

I jumped.
I got it.

It came out.. and I devoured it.
The waitress came back with the check and I joked.. "What's the deal with bringing me an empty plate? Where's the dessert?!"

She laughed, I laughed... I wanted more.... don't worry... I didn't.

But KAT! Healthy Lifestyle and all?!

Yup, I used this as my decadence... my indulgence for the week. After walking through the RenFaire last weekend, I realized the only food there I had to have... was that Cheesecake on a stick... so... I really don't feel bad about doing it on an amazing.. fun filled dinner... alone with my man.

When we got home, dad devoured his wings, while I did 15 minutes of straight sit ups, russian twists and crunches (150 of each.. be proud).

And, the fact that you put in the work and it continues to show... is fact... I woke up within a pound of the day before... No big deal.. Just a pound... So.. my indulgence.. didn't really break the bank!

So, I know that most of you don't live close... but, if you ever find yourself my way... Let's go to Brian's... 

Have a beer... or what have you... and some really rocking BBQ.

It's totally worth it.


  1. It's the BEST to indulge every once in a while :) just don't tell your son! :) ha!