People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Two days from now, the NYRF (New York Renaissance Faire) begins.

8 weeks of dressing up in garb, walking around, interacting with my "summer people" and watching interesting (and funny shows).

This year, is the first year I will not feel self conscious in my garb (read: costume). 

Usually, I have my father or Klay lace my corsets up as tight as it can go... or until I can BARELY breathe. All in the name of making my waistline look as small as physically possible. Because, my body (in my mind), was something to be hidden. 

I know that mindset is wrong... I know that I had a warped sense of thinking... But, being a woman, it's a normal problem. I can admit my lack of self-esteem, and I have grown.

This year, I know I have put in the work to feel confident in my skin. 

The corsets will still be laced as tight as they can go... but for a different reason this year...
They will be tied with grommets close together, because otherwise.. They will fall off. 
 (And I'm not that kind of girl, wanting to give anyone a show.)

I will be able to wear the mini corsets that I have ogled for the past 6 years.

I will walk with my head held high... as it should have been for years prior.

I will not feel funny eating the amazing delicacies that is offered...
I will most certainly have a GIANT turkey leg...

I will not feel weird trying on NEW outfits... Or taking full framed pictures.

This is really what I have been working so hard for...

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning... and stared... 
I see... nothing wrong.... with the way I look.

Now let me clarify...

I have stretch marks on my sides from when I had my pregnant belly.
I have cellulite (however, far less) on my upper thighs and... my butt still has a dimple on it...
I still have the scars from past abuse, and from teenage pimples... Chicken pox... 

That doesn't matter to me.
I see NOTHING wrong with it... I think my body looks BEAUTIFUL.

I know I am beautiful.

And to me.. that's such an amazing improvement.

The next 8 weekends are going to be great.
I can feel it.


  1. so excited for you! would LOVE to see a photo... but anyway :) that's just me. have SO MUCH FUN and good job with all your big changes!

  2. I'm so proud of your confidence and oh so jealous! I wish we had something extravagant as that around here. You will look amazing and I want to see a picture of your garb(tee hee).