People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I've tried...

I've tried to write a post all morning.. the words just won't flow...

I keep pretending that facebook will give me inspiration...

I know I'm lying to myself... I'm just using it to zone out.

I wasn't up particularly late...
My night wasn't SUPER crazy...

But, still, I am UTTERLY exhausted.
And with that exhaustion comes... *cricket cricket* Absolutely NOTHING.

I could tell you about my other birthday planning ideas... But, I want to save them for motivated posts!

I could give you an update on the FAVORS... in which I will be making them.
I have even been DONATED the baby food jars that I will use for the "S'mores."

I even thought of doing two different flavors: S'mores and Apple Crisp!

The apple crisp could be achieved with Apple Cinammon Granola, Caramel Chips, and Marshmallow...

I'm thinking of making little tags to hang on them with a cute poem.

I keep tossing around "Two Spoonfuls of Yummy Just For You." And then, I lose it...

Then on the back I could put basic "heating instructions"

1) Take off metal lid
2) Microwave at 50% for 20 seconds
3) Be careful taking it out, it will probably burn your flesh off.... (something nicer though).
4) Let it cool, just a little
5) Stir and Enjoy

I think I should be able to accomplish this on the cheap.
So.. that's cool...

But that's the only update I have.

I could tell you about how much I wish I could wrap myself in a blanket and take a nap...
But, I won't... because thinking about napping... makes me WANT to nap.


Just don't have it today.

Tell me about your day!