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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kids Don't Like Schedules

If you have been reading for a while, then you know that I am super OCD, and that I live by a schedule. Between work, being mama, and running a home... a schedule is thoroughly needed to keep the "ship afloat". 

But, children.. well, at least my child, do not like schedules.

Can I blame him? 
Not really.

I discussed early this week that I made Emry mini pizzas for his week of dinners (his suggestion).
This was after we had seen a nutritionist, and we were told to make food fun, but to work within our schedule. We could pair the mini pizzas with any fruit/veggie under the sun... there was a snack/dessert after them... How could I have gone wrong? I mean, seriously...

Emry... Did not want mini pizzas for dinner last night... He only started eating them on Monday.
He dug his heels in, and I just kind of stared. "But, you asked for this." And he just didn't want it. "But, I made you enough mini pizzas for the week." Still nothing. I let Klay make him the dinner he requested, and I walked away.

We don't have time to prepare individual meals... every night of the week... even for one person... I know that sounds a little crazy.. but it's true. The only thing I have come up with in my head, is making him 7 individual meals, early, and freezing them... Defrosting each the night before. But.. that seems a little CRAZY to me? you know? 

Emry has a problem with food.
His problem with food, in my and a doctor's opinion, comes from a control issue.
He feels he has NO control over his life.
At six years old, suck it up buttercup.. NONE of us did.
I am told he is an exceptionally bright child. 
An old soul.. and an only child to boot.
That this is "normal" behavior.. for him to try and have more responsibility and control than a small boy should.. because in his head.. he is most certainly NOT a small boy.

Dude, it's food.. you eat it.
Or you get sick.
You want a control issue? 
What about you put all your clothes away and pick them out each morning.
I won't blink an eye! If the closet door stays closed, and the drawers do too... I won't say a word about the mess of it. I won't even giggle when you come out mismatched. 

He adheres to our daily schedule pretty well... except when it comes to meals.. even the ones we don't eat together. I get food home in the lunch box all the time. 

But, they say you can't FORCE them... it will only make it worse.

I say fuck that.. It's food.. you'll get hungry eventually.. and then.. I'll have it waiting. 

So, because I am stubborn (can't imagine where he gets it from)... I packed mini pizzas for his lunch today. He is lucky to go to a camp, in which they will heat up food. So... there you go kid... *does the knife twist motion* How you like your lunch?

Once, he insisted that he was a "Big Boy" and could order from the "Big Boy" menu.. I said sure.
He picked Fried Shrimp. 

He hated it.

I told him he would. I told him he should probably pick something else. I was certain he wouldn't like it. He insisted.

He hated it.

That became dinner, breakfast and lunch.. for the next couple of days... because we do not WASTE food. Especially when your stubborn ass ordered the most expensive dish of the 4 of us. JUST saying. 

It changed his eating habits for about 6 months... we didn't have a problem... 
Slowly.. it started to turn and we are where we are now.

I was so motivated after seeing the nutritionist.
I thought he understood what was going on...
Seriously... a WEEK later... and we are back to SQUARE FREAKING ONE? 

I didn't make a fuss.
I didn't tell him what was in his lunch this morning.

We'll see what happens.
I'm anxious over this.


Kids hate schedules... 
In some way, shape or form... they will let you know that.

Now, there are parents that don't believe in schedules... 
I wish I didn't have to have one.
This is our life.
Correction: This is our summer life... 
In the fall, it will be easier.. when Klay gets him on the bus.. and he goes to the Boys and Girls Program afterwards... That program is 2 minutes from the house, we won't be commuting the extra 20 minutes (from camp to home) that we are doing now. And Emry will be able to have breakfast at home, and pick whatever he wants each day! 

But, seriously.. until then... can't you just deal with it? PLEASE KID? 

I seriously wonder if I am hurting my kid by working full time.
I seriously wonder if a structured schedule is too much for a young boy.

and then I wonder...
How the hell we would live this life we live... without my job.
He likes that we do fun stuff, and go places.. and he has clothes, and toys and etc....
My job does that for him.

It's a double edged sword.

All I know...

My name is Kat... and I'm a scheduled mother.
This is my son Emry... and he hates me for it.

This is our story.

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