People Just as Crazy as Me

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not feeling well cravings

I get very hungry when I do not feel well.

I'm not sick.. I'm just in a lot of pain...
My body interprets that as... "You're in pain, have a piece of candy."

Well, Monday it was, "Have a Mini Candy bar!"
Tuesday it was, "Have a protein bar!"
And today, "Have a Herhsey's Almond Kiss!"

I am snacking more than I have in 6 months...
I'm not scared, I am still staying as active as I can, given the way my body feels.

Today, was an easy day... I got up reasonably pain free.. and was able to get to the gym and do a normal workout. Last night, we walked around our towns "National Night Out, Against Crime!" event, and I managed to do my sit ups and aerobics later on. 

But, I don't want to get into the habit of... snacking.

It's not really something I need... it's just something my body WANTS... 

But, yet tonight... I keep day dreaming about the cupcake for last weekends birthday party...
The one with the Oreo on the inside... The one sitting in the downstairs fridge. 

It's a balance.
It's a give and take.

But, my body needs to understand that I don't NEED this thing... I just really WANT it...
And that may mean that I won't have it.... even though it will make me very sad.

It goes to show you that 6 months have gone by... and I still have those tendencies.

The weight is off.. It's gone.. It's not coming back... I won't let it...

My body can fall right back into the... "It won't kill you."

As long as I stay away from the bagels... I think I'll be safe.

What's your guilty pleasure snacks?
When is it hardest for you to resist them?


  1. What kind of protein bars do you get? I love hem but they have a lot of calories in them. Well the ones that appeal to me anyway :)

  2. When I'm stressed, I can't resist sweets. Usually cookies and milk.