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Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Week in Food, and How is Emry's "Food Grounding" going?

This week in food I made two dishes:

Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe
Slow Cooker - Cilantro Lime Chicken

Czech Cabbage Dish Recipe
Czech Cabbage Dish

The Cilantro Lime Chicken was super easy to make....

A 1/2 cup serving is:
139 Calories
2 grams of fat
3 grams of carbs
26 grams of protein

Anything in a slow cooker is a win for me. It made it very easy to make two dishes this week. Since one of them basically cooked itself. It had very few ingredients... and I made a couple servings of rice to go along with it. I think I'll put it over a salad, with some smoked cheddar cheese. The whole house smelled like a Mexican Restaurant. AWESOME!

The Czech Cabbage Dish was a mess to make, to be honest...

1/2 cup serving is:
87 calories
5 grams of fat
6 grams of carbs
6 grams of protein

I recommend that you buy the cabbage already shredded. Yeah, you'll pay a little more than the cost of a large head of Cabbage... but, trust me, I was cleaning shredded cabbage out of every Kitchen nook and cranny ALL WEEKEND. Also: blanching... not fun. Just saying.

As you can see from the ingredients, there was very little seasoning going on in this recipe.
That didn't fly to me.. so I added (quite) a few things.

I added:
Haiwiian Salt and Ground Black Pepper
Curry Powder
Garlic Powder
Spicy Adobo
Chiptole Chili Pepper
Mesquite seasoning.
More Garlic Powder

And the flavors really played through and gave the dish the kick, that I enjoy eating.

I had some with today's lunch, and I was very pleased with the way all the flavors melded together.

I look forward to eating each dish!



If you haven't been keeping up with the Von Steal's... please read THIS POST.

We are on day 5 of 7.

We have had ZERO meltdowns.

We have eaten a hard boiled egg w/ milk, and 2 turkey/cheese sandwiches with fruit/vegetable a day... Except for on Thusday Night (grandma was over) and on Saturday (birthday party)... since we started. The only issue we had was... well, really last night. When he ate all of his apple, but did not want the rest of his sandwich. I told him if he didn't eat it, it would be in his lunch tomorrow. And there would be more vegetable to make up for only 1/2 a sandwich. He pouted, but he understood.

He told me during bath, that he couldn't wait for this to be over, so everything can go back to the way it was...

I raised my eyebrow to him, and said... "That isn't exactly what you mean right? Because it will not go back to the way it was. If at any point you start to disrespect what you have, and what we provide, we will go right back to Turkey/Cheese..."

His mouth dropped.

I also told him that on this Wednesday, Daddy (Klay) was going to have dinner ready when he got home from karate, and his reaction (and eating) of that dinner would determine what happened the next day. And would reflect on what we bought in groceries. That we could do this "grounding" at the very least until school started (about a month).

He closed his mouth and nodded.
Come on kiddo... bring on the stubborn...

I hate to say it this way... But, I am going to BREAK HIM of this problem with food. He should be so lucky that he HAS food.... Picky eating, Non-existant eating, and disrespect for what we do have.. is NOT going to happen in my house.

But, all in all, the grounding is going well.. I have he learns his lesson. I hope to eat dinner on Wednesday night, and ask him what he has learned... and watch him eat a real meal... Without all the hoopla. I am hopeful... but, I am also ready to continue with this experiment... until it works.

What are you eating this week?
Were you a picky eater as a kid?
How did your parents fix that?


  1. With any luck, we'll be eating that chicken recipe up top.

    I wasn't really picky, but then, I didn't have much to be picky about - we hardly ever ate veggies. I got that when I started dating.

    My parents made sure I ate my rice, though.

  2. so glad to hear all is going well. can't wait to see what happens after day 7!