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Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Week in Food!

Curry Mushroom and Potato Soup
Found it here
Curried Coconut, Potato and Mushroom... Total Yums
The recipe is amazing, and super healthy.

Per 1/2 cup serving:
156 calories
10.8 grams of fat
14.2 grams of carbs
2.4 grams of protein

This soup will keep you super full, and warm... for a while after lunch... Trust me, I had some today, and I am a HAPPY camper.

I also roasted a chicken in the oven. I used some Weber's "Beer Chicken" Seasoning, and stuffed that bad boy with celery and apples... I cooked it on 400 degrees, until the chicken read at about 175 degrees (for internal temperature)... Then I wrapped him up in foil, tightly, and let him sit it out in the fridge until we got home from Renaissance Faire on Saturday. Then, with my fingers, I cleaned the carcass... and shredded the meat.

Each ounce of chicken is roughly 72 calories, since I roasted it... I am thinking of putting it over salads... and in wraps... And I'm super excited about it.

Still going strong with my breakfast Yogurt bar! Still loving all those options, and if you read my last post... then you read about the yummy trail mix Emry and I made... So, I am thinking a small scoop of that with yogurt, may very well be tomorrow's breakfast!
His face is classic


So there you have it, our week in food....
What's on your plate this week?

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