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Friday, August 16, 2013

Progress: Grain by Grain, Bean by Bean

This week has really been focused on Emry.. and his control issue....

I have all hands on board with me, between Klay & my father, and the staff at the camp.
We are going to get through this together.

Rice and Beans lunch with carrots: came back EMPTY... and it was confirmed he ate ALL of it.

Rice and Beans Dinner with salad and ranch: All of it eaten... BEFORE the timer went off... with 5 minutes to spare.

Before dinner started, I kaboshed the fake bathroom break.
He looked at me and was like, "But, I don't have to go."
I told him to go try, so he wouldn't be interrupted at dinner.

1 Mama 0 Emry

And then, with a little prodding about eating... not a lot though... He finished... with 5 minutes to spare.

He went to wash his hands, and I held the empty plate in my hand, and looked at Klay.
We exchanged the same look.
And I was... just... relieved.

We're going to see how it goes tonight...

Tomorrow, Emry is going to be with his grandparents (Klay's parents), and we aren't sure if we are going to pack him rice & beans for there...

We just need to play it by ear. Technically, he should be doing rice and beans until next Wednesday....
But.. honestly... we got to see.

He started out really good at the beginning of the first week of the grounding... remember?

Thank you to all who have been SO supportive during this week...
Through the ups and downs...
Thank you for staying with me on this.

Stay tuned for later...

When I tell you about...
Fried Cheesecake.... 

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  1. Fried Cheesecake!!!! What! dammit, now I'm hungry! Oh and go mama!