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Friday, August 2, 2013

Pushing Along

With the Renaissance Faire starting this weekend, my weekly chores have doubled.
I am a ritual weekend cleaner... Well, normally it's just a Saturday, but you know.. It's a 3-5 hour event. 
Thursday and Friday's for the next 8 weeks will be filled with cleaning. This may seem like no big deal... But, when you aren't used to the additional 2 hours (min) of work a night... You get a tad bratty.

This weeks list (to be handled between Thursday and Friday Night):
  1. Put Laundry Away
  2. Clean Sheets/Make Beds
  3. Kitchen & Microwave
  4. Cook dinner for the week
  5. Food Shop
  6. Vacuum
  7. Wet Swiff
  8. Dust
  9. Bathrooms
Not an awful list, yesterday I took care of  #'s 1-4. So, I am half done... Klay made one of the beds, so that helped a little.. but it was 2.5 hours of extra work.

I get home from work (after picking up Emry from camp) at around 5p. I make (read: heat up) dinner for Emry, and myself. I clean up the containers in our lunch boxes... Load a dishwasher... Do my evening exercises, shower... and am usually unable to continue after 9:30p. I know, it's not utterly late.. But, I am up at 5a every morning. It's a long day.

With the extra house work, I didn't get into the shower until after 9p....
My body was tired.
I was (and still am) achy.
I wound up staying up later than normal, just so my hair would fully air dry...
Somehow, it still looks like a frizzy mess this morning, but, I'm not going to kavetch about that.

All in the name of a chore-free weekend.

Is it worth it?
Well, no.. it's not... but, I can't live in clutter or filth in any way, shape or form...
My OCD just won't allow for that.

Could I do a little every day?
I bet I could... but, with the crazy Karate Schedule...
and the need for some downtime of my own... I rather pack it in to two days...

My body will get over this, and I will adapt to the "new" summer schedule hopefully next week. Hopefully....

The one thing that is making me feel better.. .is that today, while I am doing our weekly Food Shopping, I will go back to the Slate Hill Farms, for our produce... Utterly amazing (and local) stuff!

To give you an idea of the quality and price... I purchased 2 LARGE paper shopping bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables... for just about $25. The same amount at a normal grocery store would have been at least $40... Now, all of that produce is GONE... We ate ALL of it this week... So, fresh, and tasty... Completely worth it.

Can't wait.

Little Blessings.... Make a achy day SO much better.

They also have baked goods... so.. you know.... Even my sweet tooth is happy!

I plan on taking a lot of pictures this weekend, so that everyone can see my amazing garb (read: costume). I also plan on indulging... just a little...

The Renaissance Faire has some of the most eclectic and delicious (also read: High Calorie, High Carb, High Fat) foods around.

This weekend's indulgence.... because I have waited all year for it...


That is an example of what it looks like, I really don't have a picture of me eating (read: devouring) one of these... But usually the slices look more like SLABS of cheesecake, and then are drizzled with white and chocolate fudge... If they had raspberry drizzle.. I might just die.

I figure, with my new healthy lifestyle.. I should be okay with indulging on ONE amazing delicacy a weekend.

A major part of the RenFaire is walking... so I will be walking around, at a moderate pace for about 2-3 hours (minimum) a day... So, I should be able to burn off an indulgence. Right?! Right?!

I will take a picture of the slab of cheesecake I get! They are by far my favorite thing at the faire!

What does your weekend look like?


  1. Take the indulgence. You and I both know it will be worth it and you will be walking it off anyway. That's how we are a Bumbershoot in Seattle, I get cranky because I get hungry more often because I've been walking my ass off for 4 days and my body is burning the calories faster than I was eating lol.

    I'd kill for a cheesecake on a stick right now

  2. CHEESECAKE ON A STICK?! Whaaattt. It should even be deep-fried cheesecake on a stick. with bacon. :) just because.

  3. so fun!! a ren fair! fresh fruits and veggies are so worth it. so amazing and tasty! can't wait to see the pictures from your weekend. and seriously you gotta indulge a little at least especially there!

    ps. i'm SLOWLY coming out of hiding. i'm hoping to be less of a hermit. its tough. :) do you intagram or twitter????