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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sadness - Rice & Beans

You read right, this week, Emry will be enjoying a week's worth of Rice & Beans.

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 I picked him up from camp yesterday

and the lunch box was empty, with appropriate "I've eaten my lunch" crums. 
I was so relieved
I was happy.

He was HAPPY to tell me he had eaten all of his lunch.
He even asked if he could TRY a real dinner, that he'd do good... "Promise".

I told him we would try, but dinner was still expected to be eaten in a reasonable amount of time... 
he promised...

Karate went well.

He came home to the dinner that was prepared.

We set the timer... at a reasonable 20 minute time frame...

Then it happened...
What always happens...

"I have to use the bathroom"...

10 minutes into dinner, he does this, now don't get all up in arms with me.... He doesn't actually USE the bathroom... He goes in... shuts the door... and waits... We have caught him sitting on the toilet... just sitting there... 

Sighs... I waited... he was in there for 5 minutes...
And then he went back to eating...
Slower then before...
Trying to see where the line was...

Timer beeped.
The salad was untouched.

I sighed. 
He just kind of looked up... trying to see what the reaction would be.

I was just so...

I got up from my dinner, told him he would be doing rice and beans for a week, and I walked away.
I heard him start to object, I heard Klay quietly tell him "you did this to yourself".
I sat down on my bed, and I cried. Silently... but, I cried.

Composed myself, got up, went back to the table... I was in there for a couple of minutes, by time I got out.. the salad was basically gone.

Dinner took... 27 minutes.
So... it wasn't awful.
Really... but, I have to hold the line... or else, even in some small way, he will think that I will give in to more.

I couldn't look at him.
We didn't even discuss it.
He knew I was disappointed.

He knew because our entire ride home from karate, I told him that if he did good... what I had planned.

He was excited to hear about the cool food ideas, and lunches... Trail mix... yada yada... that I had looked up.


Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
Maybe I shouldn't have shown him my excitement.
Maybe I let him think I was softening on the matter....

It's of no importance now.
Rice & Beans for a week (with a fruit or vegetable of course).
Hard boiled egg and milk for breakfast.

Juice, Water, Milk for drink.

No cool snacks.
No trail mix.
No choices...

Just... week 2 of the WIC Grounding. 

And, I couldn't be more sad about it.
I really couldn't be.



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  1. oh man. not what i was hoping to read today. but you're right, you have to do it. just big time ugh!