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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So it begins.. Birthday Party Planning Post #1: CAKE

On October 12, 2013.. I will be throwing my very own 29th birthday party...

If you live within driving distance of Orange County, NY... send me an email... You are welcome to come. Some of my best friends, are ones I haven't officially met yet... I love the blogverse...

So, I need to start planning... Getting shopping lists together... Stuff like that.

I wanted to share with you the ideas I have been having.

So, I am thinking once a week, I'll post about a specific party aspect.

TODAY: The Cake I have said... I am not a baker, by any means.. but, I am willing to give this a go...

So... As of tonight I will be the proud owner of a BabyCakes, CAKE POP maker. I found it on a yardsale site, and it was only $15.
Why am I investing in this? 1) Because my friends mother has one, and says even I can use it, and that's a big deal. 2) I can decorate cake pops a multitude of different ways, and I think that be fun. 3) Different types of cake... Because I could never really decide what TYPE! 

I also think that I could at least try to find my inner creative chick. Cake Pops mean that you have to have some sort of base to stick them in... and that you either have to decorate that base... or find inventive ways to hide the foam board you are sticking the pops in. I am game for this. 

I also think that people hate taking home MASSIVE pieces of cake... But, if I had little to-go baggies, I could coerce some to take a couple pops here... or there (and then stuff 4 more in their purse/pocket).

What type of cake am I thinking of using?
Right now, it's kind of a toss up.
The guest list is kind of in the air, but I have the potential of 40-50 people coming to my home.
I was thinking of making about 100 cake pops.. Which I hear is REALLY easy to do with this thing.

So I was thinking 100 pops... 4 different types of cake! (Say it with me.... MmmMmmCake)

Here are my favorite types of cake:

1) Carrot Cake
2) Red Velvet
3) Funfetti
4) Dark Chocolate
5) Cherry Chip
6) Banana Nut (with chocolate chips)

As you can see, I need to pair down to 4. 
What do you think?

I have been looking up, and I think since I made the Chocolate Oreo Truffles. That I can do this.
You make the pops, and then dip them in your choice of chocolate. Did you know that at Crafty Stores they sell different colors of DIPPING chocolate? Oh man, I was overjoyed... And SPARKLY sprinkles. 

The decorating is the part that is really tripping me up...
There is the simple... Which I would probably go for, I kind of like this picture, with the little chalk board next to the "cake". This way the four different types can be distinguished by color or sprinkle. 

I however do not like the tiered look to it.

I think that would take a lot of time.. and I'd be afraid of it toppling, or that my clumsy geekness would get in the way.

What I am opting to do is kind of a planter (probably planters.. there is going to be 100 cake pops...). And then all I would have to do is conceal the foam block that I would put in it. The picture of the Easter Chick Cake Pops is ADORABLE... But, see... it's a basket! I can totally go to the Dollar tree and find planters or rectangular baskets... Probably the foam bricks too.  The goal is to do this on the CHEEP CHEEP (get the pun?.. if not, look at the chicks... then re-read my last sentence.)

Now for Colors. As I have said, I really would like a Black and Purple theme... Some pops of other color.. maybe a Chartreuse green... That be awesome... And, in true girly fashion (just don't let it get out, I have an image to uphold. Ha!) is sparkles.. I really do like when things sparkle..... I know, Keep laughing.. but it's true... And I am not afraid to admit that.

So the supply list needed for the Cake Pops Are:
  1. Pick up Cake Pop Maker (tonight!)
  2. 100 cake pop sticks
  3. Dipping chocolates - different color
  4. Different sparkly sprinkles
  5. Rectangular Planter/Basket
  6. Foam Blocks (one for each planter/basket)
  7. Something to disguise foam blocks (wrapping paper?)
  8. Something to jazz up boxes... (Tissue paper, sparkly "grass", IDEAS anyone?)
  9. Cake Mixes - (Seriously guys, help me pick for types of cake!)

I can start picking up most of these things now.. as they do not really go bad quickly. I am almost excited to go into A.C. Moore... and feel confident in what I am purchasing... The only reason I ever go in there.. is when we need a plain white t-shirt.. to tie-dye or for a school project.

What do you think of the cake pop ideas?
Have any of you ever made cake pops?
Have any ideas? Comments? Horror stories?

Let me know.
I love the input...

And seriously... if you are within driving distance of Orange County, NY... email me, I'll drop you the address...


  1. I make cake pops all of the time, but the old fashion way hahah compressing already cooked cake. It isn't the easiest to start off with, but it gets easier the more you make them. Michael's has candy melts on sale all of the time, so I always have a rainbow of melts in my pantry.

    Cherry chip is my favorite! Yum. hahah just had to say, my mouth is watering from just reading Cherry Chip...

  2. sounds so fun. give colored cardboard party straws an idea for the sticks. they could be neat!

  3. Awwwwww DAMMIT! I wish I lived closer :( I would so help you with the cake pops! It is a MUST that you have funfetti and chocolate! I have never made cake pops before but I have made pie pops. Yea...I know....that doesn't help haha. The cake pops are going to be a breeze with that cute nifty gadget you got there. That is a good brand because two of my kitchen gadgets are by baby cakes. I have not had any problems. I can't wait to see your pops come October!!! I love all things CAKE.....MMMMMMM......