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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Battle Between Mother & Son
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The above picture is how I am feeling this week about me, my son, and my parenting. Yesterday we spoke about how my son is showing distaste for our daily schedule, and is taking it out on his food consumption. He is having serious control issues with his eating.

I also wrote about how I gave him the dreaded mini pizzas (which I remind you, he asked for.) for lunch yesterday.. so that they do not just go bad in the fridge. When I picked him up for camp, his lunch box was open, and I could see the container was empty. For a moment, I was very happy. I thought he understood, I was overjoyed that the middle ground was achieved. Then I realized... there are no crumbs in this container... not a one. Little boys do not wash out their containers... and he doesn't think to bang it out after he is done eating. If it was this clean... there was something going on.

I feared the worst... I was right.

I get him in the car, and we start our ride to karate. 

"How much of it did you throw out."

**Silence from the back seat**

"What, mama?"

"How much of your lunch did you throw in the garbage?"

"I ate the cookies and a pizza... I threw the rest out."

(Reminder: 3 mini pizza bagels, 1/2 cup of grapes, 2 keebler cookies)
We never throw away food.
Ever. His lunches are in an inner cooler lunch box, with 2 ice packs in it... to keep it cool. If he doesn't eat it for lunch, one of us will eat it for dinner. We aren't poor by any means, but we are not well off either.. we do NOT waste food. 

"You're grounded."

"What?! It's just FOOD!"

**I pause** "You're right... it is. That's why this will be a special grounding."


"What is it?"

"I'll let you know after karate."

After karate, I had come up with what I hope will break his control issue and teach him to respect what we do have. Fingers Crossed on this one people.

This is the grounding scenario:

He is grounded for a week. He will be allowed to watch TV and play... His grounding is food based, since the issue is food based. We went over how most people do not have a variety of food.. or fancy snacks or cookies for the matter! That people who are poor, do not have the luxuries of having a CONTROL ISSUE with FOOD! He will eat the same things.. a basic (and nutritious) diet for a week... The type of meals that we were forced to eat when I was on WIC (when he was first born). 

I told him that we would also have cold cut meat.. since, he needs a meat product. 

Breakfast will be: Hard boiled Egg and a glass of milk.
Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, with his choice of vegetable/fruit.
Dinner: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich (grilled if wanted) with his choice of vegetable/fruit.
There will be no dessert... and any snack will consist of a fruit or a vegetable. 
Fancy fruit drinks? Ha... out the window... Milk, Water or Apple Juice.... (I remember getting a gallon of Apple Juice a month from WIC). 

We will do this for a week.

He has Ren Fair and a Birthday party this weekend. At fair, we pack lunch, so it will be as per the grounding menu. And, he is free to eat what he wants at the birthday party. 

At the end of the week, we are going to discuss what he learned. 

OH, what about retaliation, you say? 

I was prepared for that... I know my son...
If at any time he decides to freak out, tantrum, be disrespectful, throw food out... anything out of the normal. I will throw out a toy of my choice, there will be no warning... I will find the first toy I see, and I will have him walk it to the trash can.

Yeah, I am THAT done with this nonsense.

He is... not happy... But, he knows not even to raise his voice about it. 

He had a turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner last night, with Broccoli. 
He didn't finish the broccoli, so they are packaged with today's lunch... another turkey and cheese sandwich.

This grounding ("food experiment") will conclude next Wednesday Night... 

I am hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst.

I briefed the camp about what was going on, and they will let me know if he throws away any food... or "drops" large portions of it on the floor. The assistant I spoke with this morning agreed with me... and liked my tactic. It's not like I'm starving him... He just needs to learn what he HAS and what others DON'T.

The epic battle rages on my friends... Who will win? 

I am praying to the Gods it is me. 


  1. oh goodness. what a struggle. i like this method of grounding. sorry he's being a pickle.

  2. You are such a good mother and you are teaching him valuable lessons. He will thank you one day and he will also do to his kids what he learned from you. Good job momma!

  3. Great idea my friend! We have never been well off, not since I became a mother, and I grew up majorly poor, so when my daughter tries this crap I try and teach her the same thing. They need to realize they are privileged and it can be taken away (snap) like that.