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Monday, August 5, 2013

The most amazing weekend.

The First Weekend of NYRF (New York Renaissance Faire) was an epic and amazing time.

I had my cheesecake on a stick... I ate it so fast, I forgot to take a picture of it's beauty.

The funny part about that interaction... was that I waited until Sunday afternoon to have the delicious treat of the Gods... and I walk up to the counter with my money, ask for one, and get:

"Which type m'lady?"

"There are types?"

"Why yes, m'lady, Plain, Blueberry, Cherry, and Chocolate Mouse, in your choice of DARK or WHITE chocolate."

I put my hand on the counter, and Klay giggled... He asked me if I needed a fan... or a chair... because I was swooning.

I went super traditional.. Plain Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Fudge... 

SO worth it.

So tasty.

 My sister and her family came down on Saturday.
Emry's friends from karate came in on Sunday, along with my dad's sister! 

I met a beautiful person, name Marie... and I learned a lot from her... I'll post about her later on... She deserves her own post.... 

Emry was a little nuts.. but, not as nuts as some of the other children.... All time and tide... and perspective. 

Stay tuned for a post about Marie.

And a post about: 
Our week in food...
Fun Food for Emry...
And what I forgot to do!

Oh... you guys wanted a picture.. right?

Thought I forgot... right?!


Day 1 - My new corset and new body! Can you see my Knight, Emry in the background?
Day 2 - I got a cool HAT! Klay swears he is smiling, I don't believe him.

Day 2 - and some belly henna!


  1. Quite fetching! Renaissance fairs are almost as fun as Halloween, especially during the daylight.

  2. we are going to the Renaissance Faire, this weekend... i love the magic and the mystery of it all... last time we were called witches/warlocks... stealing their souls... you look awesome!

  3. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. You look amazing!!! Go you! It looks like you had a blast!