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Monday, August 5, 2013

This week in food, This week in Emry's food, and what I forgot

With the NYRF starting, and my cleaning being done between Thursday and Friday (before food shopping).. I had to work with what I had... I decided I would make food for the menfolk...

They were made, a fatty awesome cheesy dish called:

Basically, it's mac n cheese, that you add spicy cheese and buffalo chicken too....
Then you bake it up. 

They were so excited... After food shopping on Friday there is plenty of fruits and veggies, but, I know men... and that means all of that cheesy goodness is going first.

Emry doesn't really do spicy.. or buffalo chicken... Since we are trying to make food fun for him, I told him that I would make something for him for the week.. and he could pick. 

MINI PIZZAS, was what his answer was. Which I agreed to if, he paired it with a different vegetable/fruit ever night. He agreed. .. . I added it to the food shopping list.

So, I went out, I bought mini bagels, we had some sauce in the freezer, and I got some shredded mozzarella cheese (for easy purposes)... Done.

The men (Big and Small) of the house are rejoicing.

And then... around 8p last night I realized.. 
I had forgotten something...


With all the cheese and the sauce of it all... I didn't think what I would eat for the week.
Luckily for me, I have a lot of fruits and veggies from our local Famer's Market. 
I also have canned tuna... and canned soup.... Hummus, and Hard boiled eggs. I think each night it will be an adventure to pick out what my dinner will be... but, it will also test my lifestyle.. If, without my OCD food for the week, I can stay on track. I think I can. Actually, I know I can

The only part I hate.. is that I have to prepare the food, it's not already portioned, or ready to microwave... I (especially today) am very tired... I hope to make good choices for dinner, given my particular blah ze blah mood.

What about you?
Any interesting meals planned for the week?

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